Peanut Butter & Slow BG Creep

perhaps the peanut butter that i eat a couple of hours before i even bolus for supper is having an effect on my BG post meal.

the thing is that i have not made any changes in my eating habits or my life. i have always eaten plenty of Peanut Butter.

perhaps tomorrow i will skip the PB and see what happens.

however, i have been doing bolus corrections all evening to no avail. it is bedtime now, and my BG has just continued to climb. my pump is working just fine. i changed it yesterday evening. it has worked fine all day long, so i know that that is not the problem. i have even been stacking insulin without any consequence. i am going to sleep with an IM shot ready at my night table and my alarm set for 1:30am to do a finger stick and whatever else i might need to do. ARGH.

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Frustrating. I too eat a lot of peanut butter. It’s often been a food that I’ve considered without much consequence in terms of BG. I often see it the next morning, when my glucose is too high…

Hope your situation improves tonight,


glad to know i am not the only peanut butter addict. (i only eat the freshly ground stuff that i make myself at the health food store; not that that should make any difference, only that it contains nothing but roasted peanuts; no sugar, no salt, no additives of any kind)

Yes, in our case, Smuckers natural from Walmart… Good stuff

My go-to peanut butter.

Also - another good use of peanut butter is to make a peanut satay sauce… mmmmm… satay.


Peanut butter can digest for hours after eating it and make anything eaten with it take hours to digest. The effect is even stronger overnight. I find if I take even 1 glucose tablet with a scoop of peanut butter I am guaranteed to stay high for hours, but if I just ate 1 tablet alone it might barely raise me and I’d likely drop back down. I find extended boluses, temporary basal rates or Regular insulin is a must when eating PB.

thank you soooo much about telling me about the PB. i have pretty much cut it out of my diet b/c i have terrible GP (slow stomach emptying) so it REALLY slows everything down. also, i take a drug called Domperidone which i get from Canada b/c it is not approved by the FDA. it helps a lot. i take it before every meal now. (even when the meal is not fatty) its been helping.

(i have lost weight since i stopped eating it, which is no good for me, though)

my dream snack is eating two slices to three slices of rye toast, slathered in butter, and topped with a generous helping of PB. i would probably have to do a dual bolus of 40/60% over 2 hours (or something like that). darn it. some people crave things like ice cream. i am a PB junkie. :wink:

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Maybe this is my problem w my work day breakfast bolusing. I have two pieces of pb toast every morning. On the weekends it works out fine. On work days I get a delayed stubborn secondary rise that I haven’t problem solved yet.

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This is why, if I’m a little on the lower side before bed (or if I’ve treated a low just before bed), I’ll just eat a spoonful of peanut butter. Raises me ~20-30 and keeps me from dipping down again during the night.


I’m just going to add - for no good reason - I think I’ve eaten more peanut butter since I joined FUD than in the five years prior. Lol. You peanut butter addicts, you’ve planted the seed (or should I say legume?) :peanuts:


Yep, same for me. Just use extended boluses or take more insulin about an hour after eating and sometimes 2 hours after.

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Totally yum! I want some right now for breakfast! :smiley_cat:

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So what kind of peanut butter is everyone eating? I tried some sugar free stuff and it was HORRIBLE. Can we do just normal Jiff or equivalent? Got my wife some HONEY peanut butter that was like 1/3 to 1/2 the cost of regular peanut butter. Ever heard of that? Why is it cheaper? Don’t suppose I could have that?

i go to the local health store and buy freshly ground plain roasted PB. but, if you cant do that, the closest i’ve found at the grocery is SMUCKER’S NATURAL (either chunky or smooth) all it is is peanuts and some salt. its delicious, especially with bananas. :wink:

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We just use Jiff, it isn’t the healthiest option out there, but you only live once and you can buy truckloads of it cheaply at Costco.

another reason i love buying my PB from the health food store is that it is cheap as hell. (and its also fun, b/c you get to control the machine yourself and it comes swirling out like soft ice cream from Dairy Queen’s :blush:)

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I get mine fron the health food store, too. Nothing added, really fresh.


Just to add this to the topic, I have been enjoying almond butter because it tastes pretty good and has better health benefits than peanut butter. Try it sometime!

Here are a few things that make almond butter a great choice:

  • Almond butter has more vitamin E than peanut butter

  • Almond butter has almost twice as much fiber than peanut butter

  • Almond butter has slightly less saturated fat than peanut butter

  • Almond butter has more magnesium than peanut butter

  • Almond butter has twice as much iron as peanut butter

  • Almond butter has less calories than peanut butter

I like it as a healthy change. I eat spoons of it sometimes straight from the jar, because I am a pig like that. :pig:


I love almond butter (and I eat spoonfuls of it, too). I buy a big container from Costco, and none of my family eats it, so it’s alllll mine. :wink:


is there any other way to eat it??? :wink: