Pancreum--An Artificial Pancreas System of the Future

For the last couple of years I’ve been following a group of pioneers in the development of what they call the " Bionic Pancreas". Guilherme de Paula & Jerry Joseph (ex- Medtronic CGMS & Insulet OmniPod pump engineers) have founded a diabetes care startup named Pancreum.

The concept is a core device that holds pods for insulin delivery, CGM, and glucagon, that is powered by a smartphone.

The design is both elegant and intriguing, and the company has won numerous awards for the concept.

I don’t know what their chances are of bringing this device to market, but I sure am rooting for them.


@docslotnick, what do you know of their progress lately? I love the concept btw.

Their latest progress report is from 2014. They said they would be in animal trials at this point but I haven’t found anything about the progress of the trials.

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