New JDRF partnership for closed-loop pump in Korea

Then again there maybe some exciting developments with the new JDRF partner EOFlow.

I don’t know much about EOFlow, but any competition would be a good thing. Pump with cgm sounds appealing.


I hope I am reading correctly that this is a closed-loop system! I can’t imagine it would get JRDF money otherwise.

If we’re looking at the usual FDA approval time, it’s going to be quite a while for the EOFlow artificial pancreas to hit the US market. The pump is currently only available in South Korea, and the CGM they’re using has just been recently developed in China.

Maybe JDRF will have some pull to move the FDA along.

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In somewhat related news, JDRF recently announced a funding opportunity “to Pave Way for Open Protocol Automated Insulin Delivery Systems” with direct references to DIY approaches. The language of the news article and the detailed description is brilliant, as if someone from the DIY community wrote them (maybe that’s the case, I do not know). Good to see JDRF waking up, things are moving in a positive direction.