Overnight camping--what to do with backup insulin

Right, @Sam, I believe a properly cooled cooler only keeps things at about 50 to 59 degrees F so if you’re not entombing it deep in an ice block it probably won’t get to freezing.

U could get it down to 32 degrees if it were completely sumberged in very icy water (that’s how you check the accuracy of a thermometer…) but it still is nowhere near freezing temp of insulin. I’m not sure what freezing temp of insulin is but it’s definitely below waters…

Well I couldn’t find the freezing point of modern insulin documented anywhere, including the MSDS where they had a boiling point, but no freezing point. Turkeys.

Below is an interesting post by Will Dubois in HealthMine, where he concludes that the freezing point is closer to water than it is to wine.

What I find fascinating, though, is what he says below: he appears to say the Novolin R can be frozen. Is that how you read it?

I don’t know exactly what it is either, but I can tell you I’ve left my pens and thermometer in a hotel fridge overnight and woke up to see the thermometer (cheap one possibly not very accurate) reading 20 degrees and the pens weren’t frozen… not that I’d recommend doing that on purpose…

I did read it the way you did. That Novolin R can be frozen and thawed once with no ill effect, and that N acts more like modern insulin.