Accidentally left humalog pen in the car for a few hours

So my humalog pen slipped out of my pocket while getting out of my car this afternoon. It’s about 90 degrees outside and I had the windows rolled up. I just noticed it now while leaving for a hockey game, so about 3.5hrs total. The pen was warm, not hot, but I’m still concerned its a goner.

What are some peoples thoughts/experiences when this happens… Should I toss it? Still had over 100 units left :slightly_frowning_face:


@Ryan Read this. It’s been done with no ill effects by none other than our own MacGuyver.


Thanks @docslotnick… Out at dinner now, I’ll report back how the insulin goes with these fajitas I’m about to order!


The insulin still works as it should… The small 3.5hr exposure to heat didn’t cause it to become unusable


Just put on your thinking cap… if it doesn’t seem to have the desired effect after this questionable situation then maybe open up a new one.

Try it with something you’re familiar with… if you get a crazy result, can it and open a new pen up and running. Let us know!

Oh, sorry I posted that before I read the rest of the thread (tiny iPhone SE screen) glad it worked out great and even more evidence to support the prevailing wisdom here that temp recommendations are utter BS!

Thank you for posting