Omnipod Dash slow release

So has anyone (Omnipod users) been selected by their doctors to use the dash in its begging release. Unfortunately my doctor was not selected to be apart of it so I won’t be able to get my hands on it earlier but if and of you have, I would love to live vicariously through you lol!


I am thinking I will probably never use it, so I guess I won’t be able to give you any feedback.

Curious about what makes you interested in wanting it. Can you share the features you are excited about, or what makes you want to use it?

I’m currnetly on the Omnipod at this time. I’m just someone that loves the advancement in tech. Especially diabetes tech. I’m not a fan of the clunker that is the pdm and am just curious about it.

Do you test your BG very much? The current PDM is a bit chunky, but at least it has a built-in BG meter.

The new one won’t have a meter, so you would have to carry a separate meter around. I like having everything in one piece of equipment.

I very rarely use it…my insurance doesn’t cover the strips and I rely mostly on my dexcom. Most likely when I do get the new dash system I’ll keep a backup meter in my handbag just in case something happens but I’m not really worried about the lack of meter

I think this is exactly the scenario they were looking for. The reason they are getting rid of the meter is because some people had a hard time getting that strip.

It’s kind of late for it now, but incidentally, you can often times win an insurance appeal for strips when they go with a certain type of pump you are using.

A lot of insurances have certain disclaimers, like the policy wants you to use a certain strip, with exceptions given to people who are using a certain type of pump that goes with a different type of strip.

I am not sure Insulet really helped people pursue this sufficiently. I am betting you would have been able to get the strips approved on appeal. But like I said, it’s kinda late for it now.

If you aren’t testing much, then certainly the new system will suit you better.

My doctor wanted me to appeal with my pharmacy/inusrance a couple months ago but its so much of a hassle when I very rarely test via meer anyways. I’ve heard that they will be sending the new pdm with the contour next one. I will most likely see if I can get those strips.

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I was lucky enough to be selected by my Dr to take part in the trial. The Insulet rep contacted me earlier this week. It appears as though they will be ready to begin sending them out in the next few weeks.

I’d be happy to keep you posted and share my thoughts on the Dash.


@Andy1, congrats on being picked, and a big welcome to the forum!

It would be great to get your feedback as you are going though the trial. That would be worth a thread of its own, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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YES PLEASE!! I would love to be updated!!

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