Omnipod DASH in the wild? And how long will old PDM be available?

Has anyone actually used a DASH yet?

And—does anyone know how long the present PDM will remain available once the DASH is out?

I am loath to move to the DASH. We love the small size of the existing PDM (in fact, if anything, we think it is too big…), and we hate the thought of adding one more piece of hardware (a glucose meter) to the D-bag.

On the other hand, I think the only closed loop control on Omnipod will happen with the DASH…

No. Our Endo asked us if we wanted to go to it and I said no. I don’t generally like fixing what isn’t broken. I’m one of those people that has to be dragged to change kicking and screaming. When I have a good thing going I don’t like to mess it up.

Whenever the Omnipod closed-loop system comes out and is tested by other guinea-pigs for a while, we’ll probably transition over to it.