Omnipod 5 new controller

Good evening all, my question is, if I remember correctly if I start a new omnipod 5 controller I will start from scratch. My eating habits and activity have changed for the better and my insulin needs have dropped a lot. I have had to switch to manual and sometimes, actually right much go low, but on auto it would go into restricted mode and I would go over 200. Actually I would go over 200 at which point it would say it was delivering max rate and I would have to switch to manual mode. My manual mode is set to 1 unit per hour and 1.5 an hour over night. It works okay but I have to make sure I eat and bolus correctly or of course I will go go high after meals, but if I don’t eat and I go low, the 5 would keep me from going low I auto but I would go high a lot event with proper meal bolusing so I want to start my aulogram over from sctrach, sorry about grammar I am at 51 right now, going to set a temp basal at 0 units for a couple of hours and eat something


Yes that is correct. The new controller needs everything entered into it to start up…basal rates, ratios, Dexcom transmitter etc. Took me about a half hour to get a new controller set up. You also have to start a new pod to start a new controller, can’t connect to the old pod. But it can connect to the Dexcom transmitter if you enter the serial number.


No apologies! I’m impressed that you were able to type that out at 51! I’m usually shaking like hell once I’m under 55.

If my BG is rising too quickly and I’m confident that I’ve bolused enough but just didn’t do a long enough pre bolus I will put on activity mode for like a hour. Usually works. I also make sure I have glucose tabs in my pocket in case it doesn’t.

Please let us know how your reset works for you!


Please excuse the late reply, and yes the reset actually helped alot , actually started up one of my new controllers. It seams to respond to my lower insulin needs better, I have come to the personnel realization the the 5 is basically a basal pump, at least with me, it will not compensate for even a snack, i have to bolus for everything, and if rising i have to do correction boluses to keep from going high. And if i don’t eat for whatever reason i will go low.

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