Novo Nordisk will phase out Levemir in 2024


Ugh. :man_facepalming:

That sucks. That’s my back-up basal insulin.

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But you have a year to stock up!!


I was think8ng the same thing! :rofl:

This really irritates the crap out of me.

Tresiba is not a replacement for Levemir.

It’s 2am and your pump dies. Levemir can get you through the night, and 8-12 hours later it is out of your system.

Tresiba on the other hand, takes 3 days to fully ramp up, and 3 days to completely ramp back down. Absolutely not the same thing.


BTW, I just put in an order for some Levemir. Gonna stock up for sure.

I wonder if this means that the patent is expiring and there will be some generic bio-equivalent available.

Levemir is tremendous. It is very unique compared to all other basal insulin’s.

Every single other basal is delivered by having it slowly “unfold” itself within your body. And a number of factors can affect how quickly it unfolds. Like exercise, or injection site.

What makes Levemir unique is that it binds to the albumin in the blood. You could actually inject it directly into your vein and it would still deliver slowly! No other basal insulin acts this way.

Anyway, this is bad news to hear. I hope I can get a generic at some point.

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If interested in expired levemir, I have 4 unopened vials ranging from 2017-2019. Zero unexpired.

I switched to tresiba as backup basal in case of pump failure.

Please pm if interested.

Also, assume you will also get what you can from Canada before they run out.

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Yes, thank you very much! I would love it.

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Let me know where to mail it.

Glad to return the favor when I needed novolog a few months ago.


Saw this same article yesterday and thought it likely to cause change to numerous insurance formularies! Example: DoD Tricare doesn’t cover Tresiba without pre-auth jumping through hoops, they may have to now! We’ll see…

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I thought I read that vials will no longer be produced as if 1 Jan 2024 with pen production to follow sometime mid-year. Of course the existing supply chain will extend that somewhat.