Newly diagnosed who needs advice

Hi there
I’ve been diagnosed couple of weeks ago with random blood sugar 300 and HbA1c 11.5
I started Metformin 750 SR (two tablets) and after 17 days my blood sugar declined to 95 fasting and normal levels after meals
How long time does it take to get normal HbA1c levels?
I am on aggressive diet plan with no carbohydrates and I am sure that I will not be compliant with it after a while
I love desserts and pastas and I’m not sure that I will stay apart with for my entire life
Please I need your advice or in other words, I need your motivation


Hi @hhashem911, welcome! So glad you found us.

In general, the HbA1C level should reflect about 90 days of your average blood sugar. So in theory your BG should gradually decrease bit by bit and be at whatever level it will settle out at in about 3 months.

My main advice is just to be kind to yourself and patient. This disease is hard but it does get easier as you get better at the day-to-day management. Folks here are happy to answer any questions you may have!

Also, a low-carb diet is not the only solution. While many people do go low-carb, a lot of folks here continue to eat plenty of carbs. It really depends on your body and how you process carbs, what medicines you’re taking, and other factors. You will find a routine that works best for you as you adjust.


A1C reflects average blood sugars of previous 3 months. So each month, if you have A1C tested, would show decrease, and level out after about 3 months.


So sorry @hhashem911, this is a club no one wants to belong to. It sounds like you are making some extreme lifestyle changes which are to be expected right after diagnosis.

Eventually you will reach a new normal. When you do, you can experiment a bit by trying to find out how many carbs your body can currently handle. i.e. What is the number of carbs you eat that returns your blood sugar to normal after two hours. Armed with this bit of information, you can plan meals that include carbs without feeling like you are depriving yourself, you will just probably have small servings of these foods.

My teenage son who is a T1, rarely eats more than 100 carbs a day. When he does he enjoys them, but he knows that if he eats 30-40 carbs for lunch and dinner he is in much better control.

Does this make sense?


@hhashem911, welcome to the forum. I am sorry about your diagnosis:(

But it is not the end of the world. All of us here deal with the same thing, and we are able to do (mostly) well!

I think several people have already discussed A1c and diet. I will also add that, for us, we find that a moderate diet in carbs works well. No carbs at all is great, but may become quite hard to deal with. Possibly a more moderate approach may work better in the long term, after the first few months?

You are not using insulin at this time, is that correct?

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