Newbie here and this T1D thing - anyone use Humulin 70/30 or the Walmart Novolin 70/30 with VLCD?


I agree that I’d rather take them separately, but I can offer a reason a doctor might prescribe the combination. When I was diagnosed (age 52) the endo was very concerned that I might be uncomfortable with fingersticks and injections, so to make sure I actually would take care of myself her initial treatment plan was designed to limit measurements and injections to the absolute minimum. I discussed that with her right on the spot, and left with prescriptions for 8 fingerstick measurements and 4 syringes per day, plus lantus and novolog. I reused syringes to take about 7 injections per day.


@MNTexan, I hope you will let us know how your Mexican trip works out! Looking forward to your next posts on this or other D subjects.


Hi! Quick update - a conversation with a coworker regarding general medical tourism and her upcoming dental appointments across the border (she and her 2 kids) for cleanings netted a major score in networking with another coworker/student worker who knows the Brownsville/border area very well - as her family owns businesses in both countries. I had a wonderful conversation with her as well studying google maps - where to park, what bridge to walk over, where the pharmacies are, etc. Then she offered to personally meet me in an upcoming weekend, walk across the bridge with me, and stop at a couple pharmacies. She is fluent in Spanish as well which will be invaluable. If one of these pharmacies don’t work out - we can find a way to Walmart further in as I have researched the insulin and prices/amounts and know exactly what I want to buy - initially and then possibly going forward. Things are moving along and I will report back after the actual trip.



I hear ya on the concern of the increase in bolus in relation to a possible needed increase in basal. Right now I have a bit of the opposite problem as I tend to still run too high in the morning (6/7am and mid afternoon as I’m coasting solely on basal) and have been doing correcting shots (1-2 units at most and some days - none) with some leftover rapid-acting to do some experimenting. It seems to be helping and driving me a bit lower overall and I will be having an A1C test in a few months to see final results - fingers crossed I can get under 6.0. All of this is one grand experiment for sure.



Great news, Beth! We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Get some good loot back!

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So, its been a month, how was the trip @MNTexan?
Hope everything went fine


I haven’t went quite yet - I am using up my last pen of Novolog for correcting shots and will be hopefully purchasing 3-4 pens of that in a few weeks. I have a coworker that is going to help me cross over from Brownsville, TX - waiting on her and what weekend she is going. I’m hoping to find a ride to Walmart in Matamoros otherwise will need to stop at one or more of the smaller pharmacies closer to the border. I’ve chatted online with Genesis Pharmacy in Matamoros and they claim to have the Novolog-like insulin pens in stock although it costs a bit more than Walmart’s (but still a good deal). This community will be first to know how it goes!


Nice, @MNTexan when asking for Novolog in Mexico, remember to say Novorapid instead.

Its the same but for some reason Novo Nordisk named it different in the US. In Latin America and in Europe its called Novorapid


I’m not sure what the advantage to that is. Why not just take Tresiba and NovoRapid separately for every meal?


I take novorapid on each meal, ryzodeg is only for when I wake up/breakfast


It is also called NovoRapid in Canada.


Oh, I get that, but what is the advantage? Why not just use Tresiba by itself and then you can adjust your breakfast dose of NovoRapid without impacting your basal.


@Israel… Apologies if I don’t remember / can’t find this but I swear you mentioned what CGM was available prescription-free over the counter at pharmacies in Mexico? Next time I get down to Brownsville and cross over I would like to try buying a cgm but having a hard time searching online for it?

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In Mexico the only CGM (if I may call it CGM) is the Freestyle libre, the bad thing is that its not for sale in pharmacies, its sold on their website or in some Costco stores. but even then not all costcos have them.
I wish we have more options.

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Bummer - ok