New with updates on Diamyd, Verapamil, and Vitamin D

Just wrote a new blog, which is a bunch of small updates on research aimed at curing type-1 diabetes. Coverage includes Diamyd, Verapamil, and Vitamin D:


Joshua, this was a very interesting round-up, albeit one where nothing seems to pop and scream " I could be the one" :slight_smile:

I was quite interested in the discussion about clinical trial forecasting. Essentially, for those who did not read it, the preliminary research they are talking about shows that diabetes experts do not forecast well the success of clinical trials:

McGill bioethicist Jonathan Kimmelman and colleagues asked cancer experts to forecast the probability of more than a dozen clinical trials hitting their primary endpoint. They found that the predictions overall were not very accurate, and, if anything, were too pessimistic.

I guess that, do a degree, it proves that there IS new information in a clinical trial that was not there before.

I agree with you that the stock market vision as presented (“clinical trials to watch”) is pretty much Type 2 focused.

Very interesting @joshualevy – I’d be curious to see how the Verapamil trial turns out, though it won’t say much at 32 people.

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