"New" to Omnipod and Pumping: 4 years in and I feel like I'm missing something

6/9/18 code was 19-04058-07451-105

None of them are occlusions, but since they are different errors, the timing of it might just be an unhappy coincidence.

I think @ClaudnDaye had a few that went bad all at once a while back.

I have had a few in a box that went bad, but the rest were okay. So in general, I think things like this are often times a coincidence and not a bad lot.

But…Insulet will gladly swap out the remaining pods in the box for you if you want. It’s up to you. If you think the box is bad, call them and they will swap for you.

Personally, for me if it was 2 in 10 days, I’d stick with the box and see what happens on the next pod.

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Yes. We had five pod failures until we got smart and called it in. They replaced the entire box. Whole boxes of bad pods is a real thing.


@Eric and @ClaudnDaye, will do!

Both errors apparently meant that the pod’s safety check deemed there to be a delivery interruption and shut them down. Swapping out the last three pods of that box with them.

I shoulda mentioned this. There is a thread with alarm explanations.

The first part - the 19 - means pod error.

And 052 means static.


That’s weird. The Insulet lady said she was hoping it was something interesting like static, but that both alarms meant the same thing despite different numbers and it just meant interrupted insulin discovered during a routine pod safety check. She was baffled by it. I wonder why that doesn’t match up…on her end or what. Thanks for the direction to the thread. I didn’t think to search for that.

Meal injections are a beautiful thing. I successfully picked up Humalog pens today because I prefer them to syringe draws for injections. Doctors office did not call in the Junior Kwikpens with half units as I requested, but whole units are fine for my purposes. I wish I could meal bolus through my pods but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards for me.

I feel like I can actually eat real meals of real people sizes again and not eat most every meal slowly over the course of four hours which is insane.

Injections work faster for me too!

But get feisty with your endo! Those 1/2 unit increments are useful. Remember, your endo works for you. You are paying them. :rage:


Gary Scheiner said my endo’s office gave the WORST patient care he’s ever seen…and that was back when I was with the good endo in the office before he retired! :grinning:

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Can the pharmacy just give you penfill cartridges instead and you can use a reusable HD pen?

I’m going to need to look at that closer bc I’ve never heard of those before FUD.

I actually never heard of disposable pens until trying MDI again a couple of years ago. I don’t think they sold them in Canada when I was diagnosed. Unfortunately they seem to be becoming more popular, and Tresiba is only available in them unlike the rest of the world. Try going to your endo’s office and asking, they’re way better than the disposables. The NovoPens have digital screens on the plunger that tell you what your last dose was and how many hours ago it was taken. I’m sure the Humapens have something similar. Plus they create less waste and I think it’s easier for travel to only carry around a couple of pens and the cartridges vs. a whole bunch of pens.


@Scotteric, thanks so much. I will look into that. Next appointment is in August!

The advantage of the Lilly version of the disposable versus the reusable pen is the size. The disposable is a little bit smaller to carry around.

Does anyone have a picture of the Novo pens compared to the Lilly? Or measurements of one?

Thank you for that. Very helpful to see!

I remember when I started on Lantus in 2006 that it came as a reuseable pen with cartridges. Forgot about that until now.

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I too went many years without knowning there was such a thing as disposable pens as they were not available in Canada until recently.

The first disposable pens I used were when I was on MDI accidentally ran out of Humalog insulin during a trip to the US [I was younger then and accidentally left the bag of my back-up supplies at home - oops]. I got the disposable pens from a Walmart and I though they were terrible compared to the Humalog pen I was using at the time. I was so glad to use them up and go back to the cartridges.

Which one was it? The Lilly Humalog disposable, the “KwikPen”? Why was it horrible?

Also as a side-note, I have broken one of the non-disposable pens before. One advantage of the disposable is that if you break one, you generally have more available.

For people using non-disposable pens, it’s always good to have a spare! You can get the Lilly (Humalog) ones from Canada for only $10!

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And if you physically come to Canada, a pharmacy will likely just give you one. I don’t recall ever paying for one.


Well dang, Beacher. You shouldn’t have said anything. You could open up your own FUD business, undercutting the current online places, and selling them for…$9.

Seriously, if you use one of those pens, it’s worth it to have a spare.

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