New to Freestyle Libre

I just had my first Libre sensor come off early yesterday (just five days into the session). Usually they are difficult to get off at the end, so I’m surprised this one came off!

I called Abbott, they picked up immediately and are sending me a new sensor. I am totally satisfied and happy, as I’d heard that Abbott may not replace sensors as easily as Dexcom, but I had no problems at all. (Also, they didn’t ask me how much I weigh! I always find this really weird and awkward from Dexcom. They say it’s because the FDA requires it, but I’m not even located in the United States.)

I am late on this, But MM dosent work on fsl 14day us version. it worked on the 10day only in the US of course.

just wanted to keep everyone in the loop. i have been on my fsl for 3 weeks now and swimming almost every day. it is firmly stuck on and isnt even pealing around the sticky attatchment area.

also, i took your advice and placed it on a different location of my shoulder, and i have had no drag with my arm while doing my strokes. thanks for the suggestion.


That’s fantastic—so glad it’s working well for you!

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Regarding add-on bluetooth transmitters, I know some people have been making progress with both the Libre 2 and the US 14-day version using XDrip+. I don’t think it’s ready for general use yet, but it’s something to look out for. Supposedly it’s purely a software issue with the data encryption, and the transmitters themselves are already compatible.

I thought the Libre 2 was going to have real time alerts ? No ?

Sorry, I just realized I’m causing confusion here. The Libre 2 will (and does) have alerts using its built-in Bluetooth transmitter. Still, you have to scan it to see the readings so you can’t, for example, automatically get the values on a watch. This means that transmitter add-ons are still useful with the Libre 2.

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I just wanted to add that in my experiences (and I am still very new to the FSL ), the longer you wear it, the more accurate it gets. YDMV, but that’s just been one of the consistent examples I have had. and it kind of sucks, bc just when it is at its very best, its time to remove it and start the process all over again :crazy_face::grimacing:

I am, however, getting used to it and its wonky ways. it can be an annoying friendship of sorts :wink:

best of luck with it. as I have read, many others say that its “just another tool in your toolbox.”


I started my new sensor this morning. did the 60 minute warm up time. all was well. it was reading but inaccurate (as it is the first 24 hours), no big deal.
BUT, when I scanned it an hour ago, I got an “error alert” message with no bg reading, and the message said that the reader could not connect to a number and that I should wait 6 hours before testing again. I called up Abbott customer service and they told me to wait 6 hours before trying to test again, and then if I got no reading they would replace my sensor.

this happened to me once before, and I just pulled off the sensor and started up a new one. this time I am hanging in there for the 6 hour period to see what happens.

am I alone with this issue? SOS.