New to Freestyle Libre

Hello, I’m new to the forum and I mostly lurk (learn a lot from just reading) around… I was at the hospital last December because of my first DKA episode and stayed there for 5 days in the ICU…

But today is different…! I’m super excited because my insurance just delivered through a third party my Freestyle Libre and 2 sensors.

My question is, besides the quick start guide… do you have any tips and or tricks for me to use and get the most out of it? I’ve read there are some apps for cell phones… I have android.

Any help will be very much appreciated


@Israel, welcome to the forum! We have a lot of users here who can, I am sure, help you. Have you done any search on this forum yet? There are several threads with great advice. One, in particular, from @Pianoplayer7008, describes her startup and experiences on the Freestyle Libre.


First Welcome @Israel! Glad you decided to post, and really sorry to hear about your DKA episode. Was that your diagnosis, or have you been a diabetic for a while?

Second - You should be excited about the Libre. A couple of months with the Libre should teach you amazing things about your diabetes that are harder to pick up with finger sticks. The patterns that show themselves are very very helpful.

Now to your questions, I would watch a few insertion videos to see if there are any tips for the insertion. We have been using the Dexcom though, so my tips aren’t applicable. I am sure there will be others who have been using the Libre show up soon and demystify the rest.


Thanks! I’ve searched other topics but not this one… will definitely do.

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@Israel, have a look at this one for instance, that is the one I was thinking about:

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Thank you!
About my diagnosis… yes and no…
I changed my doctor after the DKA… the first one only had me on metformin and invokana and never suggested doing a C peptide test.
His only goal was to lower my HbA1c… so basically the pills were doing nothing for me.
The new doctor had me check the c peptide and it came at 0.26ng/dl (lab range is 0.78 - 5.19)
so now I’m on insulin and I feel A LOT better… and so my diagnosis changed I think.

I still want to have the GAD or other test done… will ask my doctor today for that.

Im considering getting the MiaoMiao so I can get the readings into my cellphone


thank you!

@glitzabetes used that combination and can answer any questions you have about that.


The miao miao will definitely help, you may also want to look up xdrip+, as you’ll need a 3rd party App for the bluetooth readings… just make sure you look up the miao miao 2 before buying the 1…its a little smaller, but should be the same…the 1 is cheaper now though…


i’ve heard others on FUD talk about this. what is it exactly? i am brand new to the fsl and want to make the most out of it, too, like Israel.

The Miao Miao is a device that you place on your Libre sensor to read the sensor every five minutes and send the reading to your phone over Bluetooth, where you can use an open-source app to display the reading, set alarms, and so on. It basically turns the Libre into a full CGM.

I use the Miao Miao mostly at night for alarms. I find it a bit finicky because of the app I’m using (xDrip for iPhone, which is very limited). Otherwise, it works perfectly for my needs. Since I don’t wear it all the time, I’ve also ordered a holder that allows me to clip the Miao Miao to the Libre sensor without using tape, but I’m still waiting for that to arrive.


thanks for the info. i am technilogically slow, so all of this stuff, especially the lingo, is new to me.

i think i will probably do without the MM bc it was exactly that aspect of the dexcom that drove me nuts (also that it was so rarely accurate for me).

btw, i just had to remove a dud sensor; i gave it 3 days to calibrate, but got nothing out of it except completely wonky readings. thank goodness Abbott replaced it. (and their customer service was very helpful and curtious.)

I’m on eversense now for about 4 months…in the us so only 3 month sensors, but at first I had an old S7 Samsung, and had a lit if problems with the Bluetooth…upgraded the phone and its been perfect…so unfortunately, that may need to happen for you also…I also had a lapse between eversense sensors and was forced to use a libre sensor for 14 days…it was a 10 day sensor, but was about 50-70 points lower when I used aleve for a toothache… waited 8 or 10 hours later, and it was fine… it just seems like they may have altered the algorithm to accommodate Tylenol, which usually raises CMG numbers… might want to research if you are on any other medications… especially pain relievers

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thanks for that. one of the things, which truly surprised me, was that one of the things you cannot take while using the FSL is Vitamin C. who would have thought? now i know.

but they did tell me that if i need to take something like Tylenol, i would have to wait 3 hours after taking it for the reader to have an accurate number.interesting, huh?

I would also watch ibuprofen… I had a similar 50-70 point lower differential… no contraindications is pure lies regarding the libre

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Thanks Roger. I figured so much about the Ibuprofin as it was the same as the Dexcom.

I thought Dexcom was Tylenol, same as the Libre?

I took ibuprofen sometimes while using Dexcom and had no accuracy issues.

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you’re right. my bad. lol :crazy_face:

but did you know that you cannot take much vitamin C or D? yup! bummer. i really depend on those 2 vitamins. i think i will buy myself a lg bottle of Centrum Silver for Women at COSTCO. that brand only has minimal doses of the spectrum of vitamins, which, fsl tech support said was just fine. (i’ve been popping 500mg of C every day since forever.)

Hmm, what doses are allowed? I take 200 IU of vitamin D daily because my vitamin D levels drop low without it. I’m also taking vitamin B12 and iron because my levels drop low without those. My Libre is usually 1-2 mmol/L off, which I’ve heard is normal, but maybe it would be more accurate without these vitamins. Not sure I would be willing to not take them, though, since multiple of my doctors know I’m taking them and have told me to continue.

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i was taking 500 mg of C. when i talked to abbott, and was told that it must be UNDER 500mg. i was also asked about Tylenol (just the way it is with dexcom).i also take 5,000 IU.( that’s just what my PCP rxed.)of vitamin D.

i am thinking of switching over to Centrum SIlver for Women. it has a greater spectrum of Vitimins and much more reasonable dosages. have you ever tried that? i can buy it at COSTCO very cheap.