New to Freestyle Libre

Hello, I’m new to the forum and I mostly lurk (learn a lot from just reading) around… I was at the hospital last December because of my first DKA episode and stayed there for 5 days in the ICU…

But today is different…! I’m super excited because my insurance just delivered through a third party my Freestyle Libre and 2 sensors.

My question is, besides the quick start guide… do you have any tips and or tricks for me to use and get the most out of it? I’ve read there are some apps for cell phones… I have android.

Any help will be very much appreciated


@Israel, welcome to the forum! We have a lot of users here who can, I am sure, help you. Have you done any search on this forum yet? There are several threads with great advice. One, in particular, from @Pianoplayer7008, describes her startup and experiences on the Freestyle Libre.

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First Welcome @Israel! Glad you decided to post, and really sorry to hear about your DKA episode. Was that your diagnosis, or have you been a diabetic for a while?

Second - You should be excited about the Libre. A couple of months with the Libre should teach you amazing things about your diabetes that are harder to pick up with finger sticks. The patterns that show themselves are very very helpful.

Now to your questions, I would watch a few insertion videos to see if there are any tips for the insertion. We have been using the Dexcom though, so my tips aren’t applicable. I am sure there will be others who have been using the Libre show up soon and demystify the rest.


Thanks! I’ve searched other topics but not this one… will definitely do.

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@Israel, have a look at this one for instance, that is the one I was thinking about:

Thank you!
About my diagnosis… yes and no…
I changed my doctor after the DKA… the first one only had me on metformin and invokana and never suggested doing a C peptide test.
His only goal was to lower my HbA1c… so basically the pills were doing nothing for me.
The new doctor had me check the c peptide and it came at 0.26ng/dl (lab range is 0.78 - 5.19)
so now I’m on insulin and I feel A LOT better… and so my diagnosis changed I think.

I still want to have the GAD or other test done… will ask my doctor today for that.

Im considering getting the MiaoMiao so I can get the readings into my cellphone


thank you!

@glitzabetes used that combination and can answer any questions you have about that.