New Dexcom site, new sensor, old transmitter, wonky readings

So I tried this site again, this time on the other thigh, using a sensor with a different code, using a newer transmitter and leaving the transmitter out for 20 minutes before activating.

I gave it 12 hours, but was still getting wonky readings. My reading seemed to stay level when sitting, then jump up when I got up. Calibration doesn’t help. They weren’t as off as they were on my first thigh attempt, but still off enough that I took it off and started a new on in a different site.

So while I’ve got enough padding on my thighs, thighs just don’t work for me for Dexcom. Fine as infusion sites, but not for CGMs.

Luckily, when I reported two faulty sensors recently, they sent me three replacement sensors, so I felt I had one to play with. So I don’t feel like I’m out a sensor.

Upper outer arm, upper inner arm and outer forearm all work well for me, so I’ll stick to those for now. I haven’t tried stomach, lower back or calf, but I think I’m fine with three sites in my rotation.


I only use my arms or shoulders for my Dexcom. I was using my stomach at first, but in my job I sweat A LOT!! I wouldn’t trust the reading on my thigh or any where else. I just keep switching between my arms. Works great

What type of strip are you using? I use the one touch ultra and it doesn’t work? I tried though

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I use contour next strip, and it is stiffer.

You could try 2 one touch together if one strip is flimsy.

Or another option is a stiff id card or store membership card, that is stiff/thin plastic.

Or hair clips that are thin and allow bending.

More options in this topic.

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