New D Tech from ADA

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Favorite Quote in the article: "If you’re wondering what’s going on with Medicare coverage of Dexcom CGM, here’s the rub: CMS has mandated that Dexcom ship out to Medicare patients “everything they would need” to use the product. Since calibrations with a fingerstick meter are required, that means Dexcom has to find a traditional meter company to partner with to actually ship meters and test strips in the package with their CGM. Kinda crazy, and definitely creating delays for the company and its customers! "

Great example of government working for everyone, except companies or patients, but really everyone else.


There was a reference in the ADA link to @Sam’s favorite:

I was glad to see this:

“At ADA overall, we noticed many presenters and attendees taking on the language of “Beyond A1C,” i.e. talking much more about Time in Range as a meaningful measure, and how that can and should be standardized in some way. The next FDA meeting on #BeyondA1C is planned for July 21, 2017, btw.”

Way overdue!

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