New Apple watch

What I first thought isn’t repeatable in this forum.

I am sorry. This is sloppiness on the part of the teacher. I teach, so I feel entitled to hold this opinion. (Wow, I didn’t know there was a subject I could feel entitled about exactly but I’ve discovered it.)

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Thanks, I agree it is sloppy. At least we have each other. At some point that is enough. If I didn’t have this forum to vent on, I would probably be less liked by the school administration.


Reviving an old thread but here goes:

How does the watch alert the wearer (vibrate, tone, both)? If the phone is set to mute, does that affect how the watch alerts function? I am working to qualify as a yoga teacher and want to know whether I’m going low without disrupting any class that I am leading. Thanks!

If your phone is set to “give noise” (not vibrate) the watch will “ping” when you get a notification.
If your phone is set to vibrate, you will get no ping or haptic on the watch, but it will display a notification.

Once you set the phone to vibrate once, the watch will not go back to making sound unless you turn them back on directly on the watch. And you can turn off the sound directly on the watch without involving the phone.

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That’s exactly what I needed to know, thanks!

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