New app to control your bolus

Dear all,

I am new here and happy to share tips :slight_smile:

I am dealing with a type 1 diabetes since I am 15 and I have been under bolus/basal treatment for 3 years now.

Fonctionnal insulinotherapy was really giving me a hard time (highs or lows after meals) until I stumbled upon BolusControl.

This simple to use Android app let you know whether your bolus was correct; If not, it tells you how to correct it one hour after.

I have been using it for weeks now and it works like a charm. I am still experiencing highs but they only last 1h or so and it is also preventing lows before they occur. My HbA1c also dropped from 7.4%to 5.8%.

Hope this will help those who struggle with their bolus !


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Glad the tool is working for you. Is there any cost, and what other apps have you tried? Welcome to our community.