Net neutrality

Nobody sees posts in this category. Is there any other management options? Can individuals who want to chose to subscribe to it or something?

Think of it as the Lounge for politics, but anybody, even liberals, can enter. What happens in this category stays in this category.

And as far as “Net Neutrality” goes, it’s just anothet leftist canard to get something for nothing. In this case 500mps internet speed to download terabytes of mindless videos.

Is this where we grope the staff?

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You’d deny it, but Harold would force you to resign.

This is a good way to trigger one

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I don’t know who to be more upset with–Jim Acosta for trying to match wits with Sarah, or Sarah fighting an unarmed man.

Its pretty gnarley watching this all unfold as the hysterical left is just seriously making fools of themselves. I’ve never seen a major political party just in absolute disarray babbling gibberish like this… I mean Obama got a fair share of flack from the right but liberals just launched the entire basis of their entire worldview into absolute absurdity over the last 14 months… I can’t imagine what their long term strategy is

I certainly hope they stop short of mass ritual suicide when trump is reelected

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It’s Hillary can’t lose

Frankly, I can’t remember the last time I watched a mindless video. (Well, there was the one with the cat and the box.) But I’m seriously troubled by the spectre of my ISP or broadband provider being able to decide what I have access to, or at least making it more difficult for me to access it. And I mean news and facts, not mindless videos.


Just like the dark ages before 2015?

@Beacher That’s just a squirrel invented by the left. Allowing the providers to operate like a market driven business will be of great benefit to the consumer.

If you don’t want a ton of bandwidth for downloading videos then you will probably save a lot of money on your internet service.

Chairman Pai explains:

The whole thing is absurd, they’re in hysteria becsuse regulations governing the internet have been repealed. Al Gore invented the internet and it worked just fine before “net neutrality” just as it will work just fine after. I don’t remember the left celebrating net neutrality at the time it was implemented as having “saved the internet” 2 years ago, how could repealing it possibly be “destroying it”

Yes, the “X-Lawyer for Verizon”, the FCC chairman explains…

Dude, honestly, sometimes I wonder if you even have an Associates degree. You can’t honestly be this unformed, ignorant or just stupid. Could you PLEASE do your research for spewing your ignorance to people here?

Check your history on the lawsuits brought about AND WON against ISPs in the past for “Throttling”, website blocking, pay to play, etc., etc.,

You and Sam both, sometimes, make me believe you’re just blooming idiots like the rest of the right…and I hate to say that about two guys that SEEM to be semi-intelligent about Diabetes, but for God sakes guys…

Do a little â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  research into the history of what brought about net neutrality in the first place.

Effective immdiately, I’m removing myself from the Politics section of this forum. It’s apparent that I’m speaking with, mostly idiots here. Guys who get spoon fed whatever Fox News tells them without doing any research on their own.

I feel sorry for you guys. I honestly do.

Take care. This will be my last Political section post. I can’t do your ■■■■■■■ research for you. I can’t make you smart. You either want to find the truth for yourselves, or remain blissfully ignorant like the other 99% of the ■■■■■■■ mentally impaired people on the right.

The funny thing about history and facts are…they doesn’t change just because you don’t believe it.

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I only watch msnbc

You’re right, this is the end of the internet. Trump and his crooked cronies have destroyed the internet.

It took about 40 minutes…

It’s got nothing to do with the amount of bandwidth. It has a lot to do with the kinds of scenarios discussed here:

Hmmm so if my internet or cell provider started messing with my service, not letting me watch the stuff I like, slowing down my connection speeds etc etc—- I wonder if I and their other customers might switch to one that didn’t? Hmm on our very own without the government “protecting” us

If one lives in a place where one has that choice, great. Not everyone does.

Thank you so much for allowing me to do my own research.

I have to say Harold, that I frequently visit left leaning web sites to hear what the other side is saying. But I also have to say that they are generally not as spin driven as you seem to be. You seem to way too easily confuse facts with opinion, thereby keeping your mind fully closed.

The fact that you seem aligned with people like Adam Schiff makes me worry about you.