NDC Codes, or how to ensure your endo prescribes the right stuff

I used to get scripts for the wrong things from endo’s, so I started getting the NDC number and then when I request something I give them the NDC.

That way they know what to write the script for, and they can’t debate whether it exists!

Here is the NDC for the Luxura cartridges - NDC Code: 0002-7516-59

I don’t know the number for the actual Luxura pen off hand, this is just the cartridge. But I am sure we can dig it up.

How about if everyone contributed their NDC numbers and we put together a list of NDC’s for people? You can get the number off the container of the medicine, and people could verify it is what they want by looking them up here:


I found this for dexcom


At one time my dexcom was covered as pharmacy, and took a while to realize how important the NDC number was, when trying to find pharmacy that would cover it.


Thanks for that. I spent 6 months going round and round between medical insurance and phamarcy insurance reps trying to get a dex covered (and gave up when the new year rolled around). Might try again now…

And @glitzabetes, congrats on the endo appt going so well!


What a great idea!!!

I cannot contribute right now because our prescriptions are arriving through friends with the packaging off alrrady. :frowning:

I will start a thread with a pin for the next few weeks, hopefully that will nudge people to look up their NDC numbers.

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Sure, I know you are in a different world. But for what it is worth, my insulin vials and pens also have the NDC on them, not just on the outer packaging. so I could pretty much contribute every insulin there is. Except for the Toujeo and Tresiba family.

But I think it would be good to post it in a wiki type of thread that can stay in a single place and be edited.

Something like this:

Medicine Quantity NDC
Trubluvia 10 ml vial 0000-1234-99

And dang, I am so sorry Glitz. Don’t want to hijack your thread. Awesome about your appointment! I just didn’t want you to be at the mercy of your endo and his prescription foolishness.

Can someone please split this off.


Thanks @Eric.

I have been taking Trubluvia for the last year for lycanthropy but my new doctor has not heard of it. Now with the NDC code I can now stop worrying about another episode.


@Aaron at least until the next full moon…


@Aaron, @elver, I could not stop laughing like a fool for a good 60 seconds… MY wife thought I had totally lost it, laughing alone on the patio.


I started a new wiki thread to keep track of NDC info here:

Please add feedback on the thread about how to make it better (and, of course, adding NDC numbers). Since it is a wiki, any level3 member may edit the original post directly.