My story today...seems to change almost daily

Best way for me to slow down and think about the big picture of managing this PITA disease is to summarize my current thinking…which becomes this post of “my story today”.

I’m five years in with LADA Type 1, MDI with Fiasp and Tresiba. For the past few years (once I settled in with my insurance company covering a Dexcom G5) I’ve felt like I can control my BG adequately as long as I can rely on the CGM and pay attention. In other words, as long as I can devote enough snippets of brain power when needed to think about what my CGM is telling me, or what I am about to do or eat or etc., and adjusting as needed, my overall attitude is confidence that I am in control of my BG and short/long term health. So far so good with that, latest A1c was 6.1 (which of course I’d enjoy more if it was lower but I am basically OK with).

I had a really good CGM routine going for a while. I get my main workouts playing hockey 2-3 times a week, supplemented by walking/landscaping/manual labor/biking etc. So overall I’m active but not a hard core workout person. As I got established with this routine, the key to success became feeling good about my CGM during hockey games. Playing hockey is my favorite social thing too, it’s when I hang out with my friends before and after games. The last thing I want is to be screwing around with high or low BG during my fun time. I successfully used the Dexcom G5 for the past few years by carrying the “old” push button receiver in a waist pouch under my pads (my iphones have not survived the abuse of being anywhere near a hockey rink). Worked great, all was well, why oh why did I ever decide to mess with a good thing?

Starting this spring I have been trying out the Eversense CGM (more about that on another thread) and trying the Spike app to extend the life of my G5 transmitter. The original goal of doing all this was to stockpile at least one G5 transmitter plus about 6 months worth of g5 sensors, saving for a rainy day so to speak.

Today it all hit the fan, Spike app refused to renew for some weird ios tech BS reason and Eversense data seems awfully squirrelly. Rather than spend hours troubleshooting all this new stuff, I decided to rethink the whole concept of goofing around with all this new tech and just go back to basics i.e. what worked for me in the past…started my spare G5 transmitter about a month before I originally planned, deleted Spike app from my phone and decided to just ignore the Eversense for a while to clear my head. It really feels good to be back to a CGM setup I feel confident with.

There is no moral to my story other than going back to the tried and true G5 was like lifting a weight off my shoulders.


Glad you were able to go back to the tech that makes you feel comfortable. I agree that each time you have to change the tech that you have dialed in and understand how to manage your disease it is very hard to make changes. Kind of why the sales reps for heart valves have to sell to doctors for years to get them to trial a new one, because if they are getting good results why risk switching. Unfortunately, the CGM technology is moving at a fast pace making staying with one tech for a long time difficult. I hope you get comfortable with the new tech before your G5 supply runs out.


Exactly my goal…best guess is G6 will be fine for me but for now I do not want to part with my old G5 push button receiver. The extra brain power spent constantly double checking the Eversense BG data followed by Spike snafu-ing on me caused me to rethink the whole meaning of “if it ain’t broke why fix it”. “Comfortable” for me means my CGM runs in the background not front and center.


@John58 - I’m relatively new to CGM and have the G6. I decided to use the original receiver rather than my phone and it is “push button.” I like the simplicity of it, and still having my “hands on the wheel.”

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What’s the Eversense? I use the G6 as y’all know. Not all that happy with it vs the G5.


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It might be upgradable !
Or there is also a G6 push button receiver.

Dexcom upgrade tool
Dexcom update tool

I just switched to G6, and although I got used to G4/G5 inserter device, G6 is definitely better, easier to access new locations.

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