My story: DKA

I was diagnosed May 31, 2013, after being admitted to hospital in DKA with a blood glucose of 1036. I currently manage diabetes with MDI using Novolog and Levemir. I follow a Low Carb/High Protein/ High Fiber diet. I test frequently as I am trying to keep a rather tight control on BG’s. When I was discharged from the hospital, I was given prescriptions and a meter and told to see someone in a few weeks. I really did not get any instructions or help with any of this. I am self-taught on management through reading books recommended by websites and asking questions of the online community. Reading other people’s posts has been beneficial in my “diabetes journey”. Currently I am training to do a charity athletic event. Exercise and BG control is an interesting experience.


That is guite amazing.

I think we would have been overwhelmed, had we not taken the many diabetes management offered at Children’s.