My Mom’s Making me Post: Does anyone know of any good tofu recipes to make tofu not taste like tofu?

The last time I ate tofu I was pregnant, and at that time, I ate a lot. I can’t even look at it anymore, but my mom would love for me to try again. Does anybody have a good recipe?? I have a feeling tofu isn’t a hot “unlimited” item, but I told her I’d try…

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I like tofu in two instances.

1 - Xtra Firm tofu that has had as much of the water removed as possible, stir or deep fried until crispy on one side with a sauce added to it

2 - Soft tofu put into a vegetarian soup to add some protein.

Other than that, you are on your own.


That’s two more ways than I like it, so thank you. It’s a great start. :slightly_smiling_face:

xtra firm in stir fry

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Ditto, in a spicy, stron Chinese dish!

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I’m a veggie so I feel compelled to answer but honestly most of my fave veggie recipes don’t contain tofu. I tend to prefer cooking with Quorn meat substitutes because I’m too lazy to press tofu.

Some recipes pulled from my Pinterest, some of which I’ve tried:

Tofu bolognese

Chickpea, tofu and spinach curry

Easy baked tofu

Chili Garlic Tofu

There is also a line of pre-seasoned tofu that is sold at Trader Joes, Whole Foods and some other grocery stores that can basically be thrown into things as is. For the life of me I can’t remember the brand name now but I use the “original” and “sriracha” flavors either in sandwiches or thrown into stir-fry dishes.


I have to chime in with my agreement for the extra firm stuff, squeezed dry, in stir fry, I make stir fry ahead sometimes and bring it for lunches for the first couple of days of the workweek. With peanut sauce and lots of veggies and a teeeeny tiny bit of brown rice today. Yum.

I like tofu but don’t have much experience with what else to do with it aside from stir fry! So i’m intrigued to follow this as well.

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@Nickyghaleb if you press as much water out of the tofu and freeze it for a day, then defrost and use it in a stir fry, it has a different firmer consistency, and a more meaty mouth - feel to it.

Tofu can also be used to make chocolate pudding and muffins, both of which you will never taste the tofu


Tempeh (fermented tofu) has a nutty taste and also soaks up sauces. Some say it’s healthier than tofu…


@CatLady is right, plus there is a tempeh marketed as “Fakin Bacon” made of tempeh. Best blt ever! Tempeh cut into bacos size bits and gently heated in a pan until crisp make a great bacon alternative for a spinach salad.

@Nickyghaleb Save yourself some time. There is nothing you could do to tofu that would make it palatable. It’s one of God’s tricks on mankind.

Tofu, in any form, is the one thing I will not eat. That and okra.


:rofl: thank you for the laugh @docslotnick!

I’m with you on the okra… I do not think is edible but people eat it :laughing:

I actually like soft tofu in soups or hard tofu in stir-frys with spicy sauces.

On a tangent - other foods in the “tofu class” of foods (need some flavour help from what it is cook) are paneer or cottage cheese. Paneer cooked with spinnach and spices is very tasty.

No…how can you say that about cottage cheese? You are a very strange person to me.
Cottage cheese and applesauce?? Maybe you just haven’t tried this?

Okra’s nasty. And so are Lima beans.

And Brussel sprouts. But I think we’ve already covered that. :grin:

I like cottage cheese… but like tofu is has to be with something - like blueberry sauce or spicy tomatoea or maybe, just maybe, applesauce.

Ok - I am not big on naked cottage cheese.

There. I said it.


I love Brussel sprouts. Especially fried with bacon and dijon mustard. Yum!

In my word brussel sprouts are not to be boiled to death and then boiled a bit longer so they are really dead. …and then boiled… and then served cold and limp and lifeless… ugh.

No, I wouldn’t recommend it that way. It would be weird. Best in pajamas. Or with applesauce as an after exercise snack… in all of your exercise clothes.


Which sounds delicious if you know how to cook… and would be difficult to pull off if you are my mother. :smiley:


This is the way people who cook well talk. You said things like “recipes”, “substitutes”, “press” and “cooking”… But then you gave me recipes that I am going to print off and put in my mom’s hand. She doesn’t talk the way you do. She actually starts off a dinner with “well, at least this shouldn’t make you sick…”

I started this thread looking for ideas, and I’m now very nervous. :smiley:

Thank you for the recipes. I wish you could show us how to make them not make me sick.


I really like this one:

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