Muting the Tandem alarms

How do other Tandem pump users dampen unwanted alarms in places like funerals, meetings etc?

I am looking for a way to mute the bee-boo-boop for those times when I know I am not low and it’s a low cartridge or similar alarm. The most irritating is the repeated alarms when the Dexcom has gone south.

Edit: tried Scotch Magic tape over the speaker. It reduced the volume, but I forgot to remove it after the meeting, so will use Ttape next time to remind me to take it off. I use xDrip+ and my watch for my alarms while sleeping, but don’t need to reduce the Tandem’s volume then.

Second edit: Duh. Discovered that I had not set two of the alarm settings to vibrate. Should fix the problem.

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If the Dexcom sensor is toast and you are just waiting for an opportunity to put a new sensor in then you could hit stop sensor.

I am not aware of one method to silence the pump for all alerts. But perhaps each type of alert has its own approach ?