Murphy's Law

When else besides the Friday heading into a holiday weekend would my pump decide to crap out? :roll_eyes: Just randomly gave me a cartridge error saying “this cartridge can’t be used”, tried to replace the cartridge and the moment I hit “load” it just gives the error again. Called Tandem technical support, they’re sending me a new one and hope that it will be here tomorrow morning, fingers crossed, not excited by the potential of a surprise pump break until Tuesday lol.

I am unfortunately unprepared for this, (with my excuses being pandemic and I just moved cross-country about a month ago), and the only pen of backup long-acting I could find is not only several months expired but has also been at room temp for quite some time. Have new insurance and, moved, so could only book a couple months out to see my new doctors. Have an appointment with a same-day clinic in a couple hours though to hopefully sort this out. Regular small Humalog “basal” doses in the meantime, closely monitoring the situation, and extremely exasperated with this turn of events :sweat_smile:

The last time I had a pump die was also, without exaggeration, the week of orientation when I first started college, maybe 2 days after I moved into the dorm. I know there’s never really “good” timing for a pump to crap out unexpectedly but my luck is incredible in this department lol.


It may be a little weaker, but it will work. That stuff is remarkably resilient. I have used some very old stuff before.


Thank you! I considered this might be true (and I know it is true of fast-acting) but I was a little nervous to try it with long-acting. If I can’t get new stuff tonight I’ll give my old stuff a go.

(There’s a classic and unfortunate family story of when I was taken out fishing with my dad at like age 4 and my 25/75 was left in a bag in the sun for like 2 hours, long-acting portion broke down and it was effectively all fast-acting, small Laura did not do well, glucagon was had. Perhaps feeds into my nervousness lol. I think we’ve technologically advanced past there though)


That sucks. I hate it when stuff like that happens! You sound super knowledgeable and solid in the problem solving department, though!! I hope it gets worked out quickly!


50% of my Lantus is expired. At the start of this year all of it was. We (my wife and I) carry around a Lantus pen all the time, just in case, so that’s been at “room” temperature throughout Oregon’s 100F+ summer highs. Despite abusing my Lantus I’ve never had a problem with it that I don’t have with the fresh stuff.

@glitzabetes: Bad luck with the timing, I wish you good luck with the express delivery; at least you are in the Bay Area, where it’s pretty good.


@glitzabetes : we are in the Bay Area, in Berkeley, and we have spare Lantus pens (although probably expired). If you can drive by (I dont’ drive yet) I can give you some of mine.


@Kaelan thank you so much for the offer, I am now all sorted so no need :partying_face:

Got fresh Levemir on Friday night and my pump replacement arrived yesterday!


That’s the way it has to work :slight_smile: