Missed Dose of Semglee

I’m a type II for 10 years and I take 64 units of Semglee each night at 10 PM. Missed my dose for the first time ever last night, and realized it at 6 AM this morning. Took half my regular dose (32 units) at that time; planning to take my regular full-size dose this evening at the regular time. Was that the right thing go do? Unsure.


If you take your full dose in the evening, you will have a little overlap from the morning dose, and risk going low at night. Some of the two doses will sit on top of each other.

I would ease back into your evening full dose a little more gradually. Like 75% tonight and then back to 100% tomorrow night.

You can try to go back to your full dose tonight, and that might work, but just a bit more risk doing it that way. If you want to be a little more cautious, go 75% tonight and then 100% tomorrow.



Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! I took your advice to the letter, and everything worked out okay. This was the first time I’ve ever missed a dose, and it was comforting to find someone who could guide me. I intend to work out a plan with my doc the next time I see him just in case this ever happens again.

Again, I appreciate you taking the time to help!