LOOP cut insulin in HALF HOW?

I have an upcoming colonoscopy (although with Covid19 I’m going to reschedule for later this summer) and my endo said during prep and day of, just cut the insulin in HALF.

How would I do that in LOOP?

Honestly, getting put under anesthesia for me would necessitate making things simpler so care givers have a hope of figuring it out. Can you just go back to standard pump function for the prep and procedure day?

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You can just change your basal rates in Loop to half or your normal basal settings (write down the old ones first, or take a screenshot of them before changing). And on surgery day, turn off Closed Loop and just run it in Open mode with the changed rates.

…and how do you know what your correct rates are when Loop is in Open instead of Closed?

Because you are an FUD member and you are paying attention to threads like this:

And because you are doing that well before the surgery - not the day of - you know what the correct basal rates are when Loop is Open instead of Closed.

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You can set a temp override on Loop (via the :purple_heart: icon in the lower right of the main loop screen) to deliver 50% less insulin than current settings, select how long you want the override to last, then select the target range for the override duration.

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