Long term sport outcomes


It’s true blood sugar management is the one main concern in Bernstein’s approach to diabetes. What are the other aspects of management you are referring to?

I don’t know what low carb athletes have done, vs some other diet. I doubt it works for all situations.

Also, what is the study you mentioned doing? Is it published somewhere? Even informally?

I’m guessing you have diet recommendations to share?


So you don’t want the detailed analysis of a hundred papers from the scientific literature showing why I manage diabetes the way I do?
What about the evidence of corruption and incompetence in medical research?


Yes I’m interested in the summary of how you manage diabetes.

As to the corruption, you maybe right, but I’m the wrong person to talk to… This is outside of my circle of influence. You could prove it to me, but that’s like proving a crime to the person on the street, instead of the jury…