Lilly cuts insulin prices


Saw that too.

Lispro getting the big cut. Also Humalog and Glargine aspr list price cuts (assuming contracted prices staying the same).

Great news if you’ve got a gap in coverage and don’t need the latest and greatest.


StatNews has coverage here that adds some significant reservations and qualifications:


Lispro is finally the same cost as Walmart R and NPH. Now they just need to work on the Rx part of the equation to actually make it even more accessible. I applaud the price cut regardless of the hoopla and actual reasons real or imagined. Let people have their talking points as long as the insulin is accessible and cost conscious for those who desperately need it. Just my 2¢


According to a Reuters article, Lilly’s insulin lispro, the generic for Humalog, that they announced would be $25 per 10ml vial starting in May, is actually selling for much higher prices at most pharmacies.

But there is this:

CVS in a statement said since May 4th its cash price per vial has been $28.99. “If an individual pharmacy doesn’t have a medication in stock, they typically can order it for arrival in about 1-2 business days.”

So maybe the $25 type R from Walmart has a suitable modern replacement.

Although R insulin can keep you alive, it IS NOT equivalent to Humalog. It will need different dose calculations.

Indeed. That’s why I think it’s good that insulin lispro is now available for just $4 more than the R. We now have a suitable modern replacement, provided the additional $4 can be managed.

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