Libre Reader Error Codes

Does anyone know what error codes E-2 or E-9 mean? My Dexcom transmitter died and took my Libre Reader out of a drawer it had been sitting in for months. It works intermittently but then a message appears with either of these error codes and it shuts off.

I dug out the user guide and E-2 and E-9 have the exact same message

"Reader error

  1. Turn off the reader
  2. Repeat the test using a new test strip
  3. If the error reappears, contact customer service"

The blood glucose testing section seems to be the only place I can find the error codes, though I did only briefly skim through the rest of the user guide. I’d probably skip straight to step 3 if you weren’t trying to test your BG with the reader

Hey, thanks for looking into this! I actually managed to get through to customer service (this was impossible when the Libre first launched in Canada, I would give up after being on hold for hours) and they are sending me a replacement. Guess I can’t expect much in the way of quality when the readers only sell for $50 online vs. the Dexcom receiver which costs me ~$700 when I got the G4!