Liam artwork and me messing with him

Today Liam drew a couple “scary” pics on his tablet and showed me the first, then he showed me the second…he likes when I “jump” and pretend to be scared when he flashes the tablet in front of my face…I pretend to fall to the ground and cower in fear as I beg the scary monster to go away. He laughs his butt off as he “attacks” me with his scary monster tablet drawing…

Anyway, after he showed me the two images, I asked him…“Does the scary monster with the red lines have Diabetic Retinopathy by chance?” He looked at me very strangely and said, “No, he’s just a scary monster.”


He’s a better artist than I am, for sure. :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool, and the second monster looks like me after drinking too much during hayfever season. Love your son’s response.


@chris, @ClaudnDaye the pics are awesome, but the 2nd looks like me every day… Lol