Large families with one more more diabetics in the family (differences in management)

I disagree, even though I don’t really know you.

I definitely think you love to excess, and that’s probably the best thing, if you happened to do one thing excessively. :slight_smile:

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I think you’re thinking of the word “obesess”…yes, I do love to obsess. But not excess. Not to my knowledge anyway?


Wait, was that a riddle?


Ha! Hahaha! Dude, you’ve got six kids, there is plenty of love going on in that house (oh man, this is not a euphemism, I was literally about caring a lot for your children, I wasn’t even thinking about your wife until I reread this).

And your little riddle above cracked me up!

I think I’m in the running for most inappropriate thread hijacking of today.


Oh, Thaaaaaaatt excess. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes, we can walk by each other and she’d get pregnant. Okay, okay, you win…I’m excessive.

Just one small correction…7 kids. :smiley: (the 7th is due in Feb). Then we’re done, done, done. I’ll have a urologists appointment the next day after the baby is born. And he’s another boy…6 boys, 1 girl (from my previous marriage).


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Congrats on number seven! I remember reading that now, but I think that I had also read that you were done after six, so I must’ve been confused!

I really was aiming at the fact you love your kiddos and take good care of Liam. But, as usual, I stick my foot in my mouth!!! At least it is funny when it happens. :slight_smile:

I am laughing so hard I have nothing else to say!


Just remember, no free love until you have had two 0’s. Or #8 will be on the way.

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It all ties together…we’ve got five boys and all that procreation has been good for not making our t1 kid indulge too much on the fun foods, because any dessert I produce is all gone in about five minutes :grin: Our food budget also shocking…but I refuse to go back to the store til the fridge is empty…all we’ve got is yogurt and kale? Suck it up and have a green smoothie guys!

However I don’t think I have enough energy to try to best your boy #6! Congrats!

So do those with big families think it is net negative or net positive for the diabetes care? I have less time to micromanage, but I do feel like it’s positive for him to see a whole bunch of non-D siblings who also don’t get to eat junk or lie around in front of the TV, and it forces us to let him have some autonomy…but sometimes I feel bad that I didn’t get to change pump settings last night cause I was tending someone else’s bloody nose.


Seriously, that was not a hypothetical. As in, the pump settings really did need changing, and somebody really did trip somebody else down the stairs resulting in aforementioned bloody nose. Neither somebody being the kid with the pump.


Created a new thread so we didn’t totally hijack the other thread which is substantive on it’s own. lol

So, for us…we find that yes, we spend a lot more time thinking about and caring for Liam (our diabetic son), but all our kids get their time with papa and mama. I actually play Minecraft with 3 of my sons and they enjoy that time they have with me. And we all do things as a family - camping, fishing, boating, etc., But my mind…if I’m being honest…is at least 75% of the day on Liam.

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We only have two. But we were lucky because our second son was diagnosed in spring of my first son’s senior year. If that had not been true, I think we might have had an attention issue with our first son as well—so much time spent on D.

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We’ve got zero kids and can barely manage the D with work and travel schedule craziness. I give all of you parents mad props.

But I think it’ll even out. You’re all teaching your children skills on how to help themselves. And the older kids are really smart, like @Kaelan! His replies and posts always knock my doors off. Really well reasoned ideas!


That @Kaelan is one smart cookie. I don’t know who his parents are but they done did one heck of a good job with him so far.