Ketone breathe meter - no ongoing costs (it seems)

I saw this in diaTribe and thought it sounded interesting! It seems this may have no ongoing costs once it’s purchased. I do wonder if it has downsides like the urine strips do, such as delayed results compared to blood.

I know some here never check for ketones, but I’m one that does check occasionally using a blood meter. (Thankfully the strips are not crazy expensive here like they are in the USA.)


Sounds interesting. With that price tag though we’d have to use it pretty regularlyly…But it seems like it’s just the device to use to do regular checks for testing if nothing else. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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Yeah, it’s marketed towards people doing the keto diet who want to track their ketones. The price tag is high, but if this were the only device you had to buy in your lifetime, it could be worth it. I might also consider it if I were taking an SLGT2 inhibitor again (my endo asked me to check ketones daily when I was on one).

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Oh, I just noticed the article does say there’s a $30 cost to recalibrate the sensor (whatever that means). So that yearly cost is actually the same as what I’d spend on a pack of 10 blood ketone strips here. I gather in the USA the strips are quite a bit more expensive. For now I don’t usually go through a pack of blood ketone strips in a year, so definitely would not be cost effective in my case (unless I had to do daily checks again).

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The strips I bought for the Precision Xtra meter cost about $25 for 30. $1 each is fine for me because I only use them when by BG is going over 300mg/dl. The great thing about the keto diet is that we can get these things relatively cheap; I’m sure they would be $10 each at least through insurance. That doesn’t mean the keto guys aren’t getting ripped off, but there’s ripped off and there’s ripped off.

The meter is also a reasonable backup and a reasonable second opinion; I use a Contour Next One (which I trust) but I can also do bg and ketones on the Precision Xtra meter. I carry both.

I.e. $30 for ten. Hum:

Amazon gives me a price of $25.86 on that page, YMMV.