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Artificial pancreas?

Giving impetus to the vast canvas of scientific cell research are giant leaps in technological innovation. The University of Miami’s Diabetes Research Institute recently conducted a promising experiment into the development of the world’s first artificial pancreas implant. The team developed the BioHub, a small, pancreas-mimicking “organ” made of a clear silicone compound that resembles a nest. Carrying transplanted islet cells that contain beta cells, the nest was implanted into a Type 1 diabetes patient’s omentum — a fatty membrane in the stomach. One year later, the patient has not needed any insulin injections or pumps.


I was interested in this nugget:

But rather than suppress the immune system and make it weaker, researchers are working to more effectively control, or regulate it.

Implant technology relies on immuno-suppressants right now. It is interesting to read that this project is looking beyind that. They don’t have a solution though.