I've missed you! & NEW GADGETS, FINALLY

Hi FUD, feels like it has been ages since I’ve talked to you all.

I’ve been gone because my big synthetic biology competition was this last week. It’s been hectic, and everything magically came together in the last 48 hours before the freeze on submitting stuff to be judged. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the last month, and it all culminated in a week in Boston talking to other research teams from around the world. My team didn’t win anything in the competition, which was a huge bummer. All of our judges (but one particularly difficult fellow) loved our project, we just missed the fine print on a competition requirement. Oh well, it was fun and I learned a lot! I got back home at 2:30 AM Tuesday, and later that day I (almost definitely) failed a statistics midterm I’ve had NO time to study for :disappointed_relieved:

Anyways, I am here today to share some good news, not just ramble about what I’ve been up to. The day I was leaving for Boston, I got a particularly good phone call from my insurance company. Then, when I arrived home, I had some big boxes waiting for me… I now have in my possession a Tandem t:slim X2 and the Dexcom G6 system!!

I slapped a Dexcom sensor on my arm at 2:45 AM the night I got back, without a care in the world about whether they wanted me to have some sort of training session before using it. (I had removed my Libre sensor before going through TSA, it was a few hours short of its lifetime but it simplified the security process.)

My pump training is this afternoon, and I am being a good egg and actually waiting on training before using that, although I’ve been playing with it this morning and have it mostly programmed already :grin: It would appear that my pump already has the Basal IQ system set up, and my training documentation talks about training on Basal IQ, hopefully they will let me actually use it soon if not today


Congratulations on all the success and great to hear that you now have some cool tech devices to help your D-Management!

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You may want to start with the Alarms turned on for the Basal-IQ during the daytime so you can be aware of when it suspends and resumes. (The two Basal-IQ alarms are turned off by default.)
But turn them off at night so you are not bothered for no point.

When it suspends, resist the urge to take any action yourself. Let it go. See what happens. I am sure the effectiveness is different from individual to individual. However if you don’t let it go on a number of times even if it seems not to be what you expect then you can’t actually see if it worked or not.

The rules around the Basal-IQ are exceedingly simple. The Tandem pump itself is (IMHO) extremely intuitive.

Ask if you have any questions. Hopefully it works great for you.

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Woohoo! So happy for you @glitzabetes! Hope you LOVE the Tandem X2.

And I’m sure your synbio project was fabulous.

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