Inulin -Prebiotic - gut health

I wasn’t sure where to post this about inulin and the potential benefits to gut health. Has anyone had experience with Inulin? Gut health impacts our immune system, and more.

This study is on Type 2:

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In general I find fibre helps, quite a lot, to moderate the effects of high sugar items (e.g. fruit) on my post-prandial blood sugars. Of course I’m a type 1, so acutely aware of this since I feel the BG rise. T2s don’t necessarily get that feeling. The test set of the second study were “49 females (fiber intake <30 g/day, 25<body mass index <35 kg/m2) with type 2 diabetes”. So that means, translated:

  1. Fibre intake: <30g. About 50% below the minimum recommendation, I think. Ok, WebMD calls that “high fibre”, but seriously the daily example they give has a ridiculously small amount of fibre compared to my normal diet and, I suspect, the diet of most T1s on this list. The <30g selection criterion was apparently intended to pre-select people who ate a low fibre diet.

  2. BMI in the range 25-35. They also preselected individuals who are overweight or obese but not “extremely obese”. Putting people in a study like this who are extremely obese will certainly get your results rejected.

So I think the point is that inulin is a way of injecting fibre into people who aren’t able to change their diet. After all, my own diet is extremely expensive by US standards; a lot of fresh vegetables.

I think they have a point; dietary supplements are a widely accepted thing so, for people who can’t afford or won’t subscribe to a healthy diet (high fibre in this case) they are a valid thing to prescribe; it seems far more acceptable to take a pill to stay alive (or keep you calm) in the real world than it is to attempt a major dietary change (or a major life change).


How many of you measure the fiber content of your food? Being a PWD, I tend to measure carbs only. I have NO IDEA how much fiber I take in daily.

I try to eat balanced meals, some fruits (berries, or a portion of an apple) green vegetables (broccoli, or brussel sprouts, kale, romaine lettuce, spinach,etc), some walnuts, flaxseed meal, meat/protein/poultry, dark chocolate. Of these aforementioned: fruits, green vegetables, flaxseed and nuts all seem to contain fiber.

Well, “dark chocolate”:

So, for one reason or another today I ate the whole bar; four servings, 16g of fibre, 4 of sugars. My G6 tells me the carb number isn’t some marketing guys fantasy. The total weight is 100g, so from a T2 point of view the problem is the 52g of fat. There’s 16g of protein in there too, which is actually more significant for a T1 that the net ~4g of sugar simply because we don’t always count the protein.

Yep: you are absolutely correct most of what we eat contains a lot of fibre. We are not typical of the population at large.


Yessssss!!! dark chocolate- one of my favorite treats.

BTW - dark chocolate has protein too! So…carb, fiber protein…a perfect food - sounds good to me.