Interesting article on the NYC subway by the New York Times


Why should this subway project have been any different from any other government run operation?

A lot of people complain about corporate greed, largesse, and graft. But corporate grifters do not hold a candle to their government counterparts.

I agree, however I will say that NY is a special place of corrupt, with a long history of the mob and other organized corruption. Another version of this is the Long Island Rail Road which is known as the most dangerous railroad in America where over 95% of the office employees, not to mention the rail employees, get disabled just before retirement because of lax oversight and a fear of shutting down the LIRR which costs the area dearly, but would cost even more if they were to go on strike.

The issue that struck me is the comparison to France. Also if you read the comments the employees of other NYC government organization that are being asked to do more with less, were particularly galled at the waste.

The big question (that is of course unanswered) is will anyone in government track down who the 200 no shows were that were being paid $1000 per day, and answer the question of how long they had been paid, who allowed it etc. If this were to occur in a private company, heads would roll.

edit - added link to LIRR information


@Chris I’m responsible for arranging continuing ed for the docs in my company. I think I should have a LIRR union retirement and disability rep come speak to us on how to do it.

You absolutely should. Unfortunately, in your business I suspect you wouldn’t be able to afford the insurance after the rep got done schooling you. It only works when it is the taxpayers.

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