Interesting Article on Hypos, Anxiety, and Depression

Every now and then I read something that just makes me feel better.… maybe less weird or less of a helpless case. :roll_eyes: A friend in my group shared this yesterday, and it did all of that for me. Intense feelings of panic or depressive symptoms during lows are fairly regular for me, and although I’m learning how (kind of) to avoid this, it’s good to hear some of the science behind them.

I’ll just add that this is exactly what I was talking about many months ago when I tried closing my eyes at the start of one of these episodes, and, I’m proud to say, I’m now a chronic eye-closer. I don’t care where I am, or what I’m doing… I will stop and close my eyes until the worst of it has past, and now I think I have a little understanding of why it works.

Anyway. Interested to hear how you guys handle it or if you guys even have anything to handle at all. :slightly_smiling_face:


@Nickyghaleb Sometimes a low brings anger–at anything and everything. I can’t close my eyes because of the fire that resides inside of them.

I’m ashamed to admit that my wife has suffered through more than one of my “angry lows”. Getting back to normal isn’t much fun.


Hypos activate your sympathetic nervous system, which is the fight or flight system, so it makes sense that they can make people feel anxious and/or angry/hostile. Same physiological system! I definitely notice symptoms that are very similar to bodily-based anxiety when I’m dropping quickly.


To me, being nervous about public speaking and going low feel identical. It’s really annoying at times. (Also, hyperthyroid feels identical, which was also very annoying feeling “low” all the time when I wasn’t really low.)

I’ve never been a huge shaky and sweaty person, even as a kid. I get the impression that most of the people who experience that are diagnosed at older ages when their counter-regulatory system probably works better. I’m pretty sure mine has been largely fried and/or never really developed properly.


my dear dear husband drives himself crazy trying to get me to drink juice when I go low (30s/40s ). I will argue and argue and argue, sometimes screaming at him that “I know what I am doing,” as I put jelly beans in my mouth.

poor dear :hot_face::angry:


I completely forgot I posted this—and never saw any of the responses!

Gives me something to look forward to this evening…

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