Temperature Control

I am just wondering, if other T1’s get hot/cold based on their blood sugar. It seems lately, that when my son gets low he also gets cold. Is this normal, or just our “normal”

I noticed my son shivering outside today and looked down and sure enough, he was 74.So I suspect you do get cold sometimes when low. Although from what I remember you also get those cold sweats, which I think also feel a little hot?

@Chris Yes, cold sweats and shivering. It’s not fun.
Although this hasn’t happened to me in the last 12 years it’s something you (and your loved ones) don’t easily forget.

My 12-year-old son seems to have the same problem. I was wondering if it was only him :slight_smile:

I do the opposite… start sweating and feel overheated

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Same here. I start sweating and feel hot.

I feel cold and sleepy (no sweating) only when very low. Fortunately, those lows are quite rare for me since going VLC (Very Low Carb)/Keto.

Me too - get sweaty and warm if hypo. Thankfully, not too often.

For those using MDI and pens, when do you start to carry the pens in Frio?

(I thought temperature control was related to insulin temperature control)