Insulin pumps: J&J Animas drops out

Tandem has what appears to be a really great offer for Animas pump users who may not appreciate being dumped on the doorstep of Medtronic.

Tandem Diabetes Touch Simplicity Today Pump Access Program Details

This offer is available for eligible Animas and Roche customers with pump warranties that expire on or before September 30, 2019. A one-time payment of $999 is due prior to the pump being shipped. Payment plans are not available. Offer available through March 31, 2018.

Upon purchase of a new Tandem pump at the end of the participant’s Animas or Roche warranty period and return of the Tandem pump used in the Program in good working condition, the $999 payment will be credited to support out-of-pocket or supply costs associated with their new Tandem pump.

Alternatively, if a participant decides not to conclude the Program by purchasing a new Tandem pump, they may return the Program pump and receive a pro-rated refund of the $999 payment based on the time the Program pump was in the their possession as set forth in the chart below.