Insulin Prices in the USA

Insulin prices are absurd here in the USA.

Our economy here is basically Free Market, however we regulate some things, like utilities & monopolies. While we do regulate medicine & med devices, there is, as far as I know NO regulation on PRICES.

We are not talking about a luxury, or convince item, or a toaster, microwave or chair, I am talking about LIFE, a necessity of LIFE as any Type-1 diabetic knows it. Type-1 diabetics NEED insulin just to LIVE, or without it we DIE. Yes its that plain and simple.

We spend far more that (almost?) any country in the world for health care, yet a baby born in many 3rd world countries have better odds of surviving to school age. Same for us older folks, an elderly person in some 3rd world countries live longer, maybe even healthier than US citizens.

EDIT (removed political paragraph)