Insulin in Vancouver

I will be taking the Amtrak to Vancouver BC next week from Seattle, looking to pick up insulin from Canada for the first time. Looking to pick up Basaglar and Novolog pens. I noticed a pharmacy directly across from the Pacific train station, an IDA main station pharmacy. Is this a good option or will they overcharge due to location of train station. There is a London pharmacy a few blocks away as an alternate option. Looking for any feedback on option and anything to watch out for when purchasing.

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You could call ahead, to see if they have what you want, and to check prices. I did similar with pharmacies in Manitoba just over there border. They recommended calling ahead, just to make sure they have adequate quantity on hand

There are some price differences from pharmacy to pharmacy, although they are not huge. I agree with @mike_g, some phone shopping ahead of time would be best (and to check stocks).

If you buy cartridges, make sure to ask for a pen as well when you are there, it will come free.

Welcome, @ozzywashguard! Let us know how your trip goes.

Canadian pharmacies all charge pretty much the same price for insulin, regardless of proximity to entry points for visiting Americans.

IDA is a well-known and reputable national chain, and London Drugs is a well-known and reputable Western Canadian chain.

(Sorry to @Jen and @Aaron for butting in from Ontario!)

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Thanks @Beacher

@ozzywashguard - Generally the drug prices are identical at pharmacies, but the “dispensing fee” can change. Maximum dispensing fee is $10 per prescription, so usually you are talking $1 or $2 difference between pharmacies.

The London Drugs on Salt Street is a good choice and a short walk from the station. London Drugs is a big-box sort of pharmacy so they will usually have a pretty good stock of things but you can call ahead.

There is also a pub across the street from London Drugs (Tap and Barrel) with a nice view, if you are feeling thirsty. They have a great patio, but I am not sure it is patio weather when you are taking your trip.

EDIT: Never been to an IDA - that is an eastern Canada thing :wink:

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I’ve never heard of IDA, either. I thought maybe it was IGA (grocery store), but I don’t think IGA has a pharmacy.

You people need to get out more! There’s a bunch. And there it is, IDA Main Station Pharmacy.

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No it’s some sort of weird chain from back east. :laughing:

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