Insertion site, Lipohypertrophy

You are definitely not alone! Sending you a hug!

“For what it’s worth”

YDMV: Your diabetes may vary. (I.E. What works for me may not work for your kiddo)

Gotcha. Many FUDders have determined that their pod site can only accept a certain amount of bolus at one time before it starts leaking. I use 3 units as my limit. Anything over 3 units at a time, I’ve learned from other FUDders to extend over 30 minutes to an hour…and time your eating accordingly, if possible. This can help preserve the site.

When you are starting a new pod, before you apply it, do you dry out the little window first? When the pod goes through its start up routine, it forces out a small amount of insulin into the window. I take a fresh tissue and dry up the insulin from that window as well as the area of the fill-port before application. This keeps insulin from sitting on your skin and it starts you with a dry window. This way you can more easily identify leaks. Also note that any sweating will show up as moisture in the window…so it could be sweat and not insulin. If it’s leaking into the adhesive fabric, then it’s probably insulin (smell test) and that’s obviously probably a true leak.

I cannot use pods on my abdomen no matter what insulin I use. They all react terribly with a liquidy, bloody filled pod window. Not to mention the insulin doesn’t do its job there past the first 12 hours.

Other sites still have some blood, but generally just immediately ringing the cannula on the skin. If they bleed enough to fill the window or leak into the adhesive, I swap it out.

I understand this thought, I think. However, I’m going to do whatever I have to do to keep myself safe. I figure I’m pinch-hitting for a bum organ so anything I do to replace its function is going to be full of necessary compromises. However, it may be that your kiddo really would be suited for a different type of cannula…either in material or in insertion angle or depth. If that is the case, podding may not be the best fit.

Fingers crossed for you all. The changes listed above are what have helped me continue podding with improved quality of life over the control challenges I had on MDI. Any questions, please feel free to ask!!


@Unstuck - Would it be practical to try a few samples of other infusion sets? Like what @Jen mentioned above.

Getting some infusion set samples if probably a whole lot easier than trying out different pumps. Obviously does not give you all the information but maybe gives enough data for you to help you decide what to do next?


@Jen I saw testing on adult by dermatologist. Patches were put on back and left there for 3/4 days, all the ingredients found in insertion canulas and adhesive. I am waiting for response from allergist.
Thx so much for your feedback