Ingenuity saves a life

This was an interesting story! Reminds me of some of the hacks folks here at FuD engage in.


Very cool story. Knowing many engineers myself, there aren’t many stories where the engineer is one of the hero’s. It gives every engineering hope!


he thanked me a lot and told me to come visit him in Amsterdam where he owns his own restaurant and brewery and where I supposedly would receive as much free food and beer as I want when I come!”

Well that was a good ending.

I was surprised that neither the person or doctor had a backup syringe. Like Eric’s post, I ALWAYS have one tucked in my meter case… just in case.


Not to mention someone on that plane probably had a syringe for something, it just isn’t that uncommon I think.

I have a back-up 30u syringe in my meter case too. Just check it and yes it has been used before :laughing:

What I find odd is that when I travel I keep my meter and back-up insulin and pens with me in my carry-on. I know that it has been proven that frozen insulin can still work, but I would not chance it.

With that said, back when I was doing R/NPH MDI I was travelling in Scandinavia about 20 years ago and went on an overnight trip from my home base where my major supply stash was. When I arrived at the destination I realized all I had was a pen of NPH… which made it memorable as I needed to time the NPH peak from a shot at lunchtime for the beer that I would consume at dinner and evening. Ahh… i hope the folks who have kids nearing college age are not reading this…

Really, NPH came/comes in a pen ?
I used animal NPH,REG With syringes, until 1996ish, and then started pump with animal Regular. I think human regular was a couple years later, then Humalog, Novolog dance with PBM, in pump since then. Maybe 5 syringe injections in the past 22 years, compared to 0 for pen for any kind!

Yes NPH came in a penfill. I just was cleaning out some old tax forms and found an NPH penfill pharmacy receipt from around 2000.

I started using pens for Humulin R and Humulin NPH around 1996. I found it fit my lifestyle at the time much better than carrying around syringes. I was also doing MDI at the time.

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