Induction hobs

Does any of you know whether induction stoves can interfere with insulin pumps and CGMs? Apparently JDRF warns against using induction stoves and there are lots of mixed opinions all over the internet. I don’t know who’s right. Any experts here?


I would avoid lying down on the stove cooktop, at least I would if I was wearing seriously large jewelry. I wouldn’t cook while wearing plate armour; it wouldn’t be dangerous but it would be a waste of energy because the armour might manage to switch the cooktops on and heat it up a little.

I would certainly avoid putting my AK on the cooktop.

Apart from that there is nothing to worry about.


In a past life I did a project testing implantable pacemakers and defibrillators with common airport security devices. The study was undertaken based on a similar report to the one that says don’t use your insulin pump around induction stoves, which said don’t use your pacemaker or defibrillator around airport security devices. Incidentally in this same warning device companies also said that you could not be an arc welder and have one of these implanted devices.

In real world testing, none of the security devices tested at the time (6 common metal detectors, and one early version of the millimeter wave scanner) did anything to the devices except for one small blip that was transient in one of the defibrillators tested. No damage occurred to any of the devices etc. I was also a witness to a workplace test where a ship building arc welder was tested for interference with his implantable defibrillator, and as long as he didn’t essentially lay his shoulder on the welder while welding, and stayed arms length away from his work everything was fine.

I would put the induction stove report in the same category, i.e. don’t cook with your insulin pump laying on the induction stove and you will most likely be fine.