In Honor of World Whisky / Whiskey Day

Yum… Pappy Van Winkle 15-Year. Cheers to all! IMG_20180519_34564


That looksh like shom reel good shtuff.:yum:


It twas some real tasty schtuff!:rofl:


I didn’t realize there was a World Whiskey Day.

It’s funny how whiskey only gets one day. Every day is beer day.


Really any day one has a beer or Whisky is Beer Day or Whisky Day, IMHO. :laughing::beer:


I was low after dinner tonight so, in honor of your post, I treated it with a whisky sour.

You know, just like the American Diabetes Association tells you to do.


I missed whisky day but did have a beer sort of day…


Literally just laugh-snorted…:laughing:




Seriously yum!

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What does alcohol do to your BGs? I don’t drink so I’m just curious, I was told it makes it drop pretty fast for some people?

Carb-free alcohol (spirits, wine) can drop your BG, either soon or many, many hours later. It’s a very individual thing – many people report no effect. But a drink like @Eric’s whiskey sour contains sugar (or – shudder – powdered sour mix); my recipe with 1:1 simple syrup contains 10 g carb. One tends to drink it slowly, though, so while it might level off a gradually trending low, it wouldn’t be effective for a rapidly dropping BG.

I find when I prebolus I will hold steady for a while and then suddenly plunge, but I can rarely get the timing of the meal spot-on. A pre-dinner cocktail containing carb, with or without with some crackers or something, can prevent that plunge. That’s a good enough excuse for me!


It makes sense that something with simple syrup would be able to raise your BG I was just curious because every once in a while I’ll have a glass of wine or a tequila neat but I can count on one hand how many drinks I have in any given year. I stopped drinking years ago for a few reasons but the biggest is, I cannot afford to lose my job over getting pulled over after having a couple. Plus I just don’t enjoy it like I used to but hearing what it can do to BG is now another reason :wink:

Colored spirits… Whisky, scotch, bourbon knock me sideways for hours… By the 2nd drink I am usually fighting to stay north of 50 mg/dl for 2 to 3 hours. Clear spirits I don’t consume anymore… To much history. Beer and wine affect me to a lesser degree unless I am drinking IPAs or such


Beer (generally IPA’s for me), cider, and margaritas spike me pretty quickly so I try to drink them with food when I can. Doesn’t always happen, especially with a post-run beer…

Wine (I only like dry wine) and liquor have very little effect. If I have 4+ drinks (very very rare) then I drop slowly later but that’s like once or twice a year. If I drink that much, I might also conveniently forget or not be home for my nighttime lantus so it all evens out anyway.

Yum, whiskey!


Definitely a YMMV thing. If I only had, say, one oz of hard liqour right before bed it would actually even out my nighttime BG’S (on MDI). Beer or wine I have to pre-bolus a good 20-30 minutes ahead of time to cover the spike. And we all know life doesn’t always work out that way with timing :blush:

Heaven help me when I drink more hard alcohol than an ounce tho, leaves me fighting lows for the next several hours while it’s metabolizing.
Will say that with the 670G pump finally ‘getting to know me’ the algorithms did a good job overnight on Saturday, left my levels hovering between 80 to 100.


Mmmm beeeeeeeeer



Nothing like a glass of good wine though!! Don’t give it up completely!!!

Coincidentally wine tends to work best for me in terms of blood sugar levels. I don’t really like sweet wine though, so that probably helps.

Beer is the worst. The effects are similar to pizza, but harder to combat. It’s a slow rise with a severe resistance to my attempts to lower it. Sour beer and craft dark beer seems better, but not always and I couldn’t really tell you why.

I don’t drink liquor much, but it can be harder to predict. @CarolynA’s recommendation of drinking it with food is wise. I like the stronger drinks with less sugar though, so I’m sure that’s a factor.

Anyone know when World Wine Day is? That sounds worthy of a celebration!!! :grin:



There’s actually A LOT of days dedicated to wine… so cheers! :wine_glass:


There are so many holidays in the U.S. that are heavily integrated with drinking.

Not only are there the U.S. holidays with huge consumption - like 4th of July, Labor Day, Super Bowl Sunday, and Mardi Gras - but there are all the foreign holidays too.

I think we celebrate Cinco de Mayo more in the U.S. than they do in Mexico. We celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here a good bit too.

Would be good to get Bastille Day to have more participation, but it’s just so close to July 4th.