If Only My Pump Could Do This

i am just posting this b/c i havent found anyone asking about it on the forum. i hope i am not repeating someone else’s post.

i wish that my Medtronic MiniMed had this feature; i am a lover of temp basals. i find them incredibly helpful when sick, exercising, or just having an off day where i might need a little extra IOB (like when i am a couch potato for too many days in a row and am not exercising at all).

i would like to be able to pre-program my pump so that i can set it for any time of day, including when i am sleeping. i would like, for example, to program it so that i will go down to 90% basal rate at 6am in the morning and shut itself off automatically in, lets say, 4 hours. i dont want to have to think about setting it, putting in the time duration, etc. now one of the reasons i would like to have this feature is b/c i am seeing an overnight trend in my BGs but i am not certain why and i am not yet ready to make a complete basal change. i just want to test out a different basal setting and see how my body responds. i would even like to be able to set it for several days if i wished. then i could review my numbers and see how things are going.

i know this is what may be considered a high-class problem and that i am coming off as being rather lazy, but i doubt it would be difficult to program into a pump.

are there any features in your pump or cgm that you would like to have that would be helpful to your overall well-being? something that might help you even if its just a little bit extra to take the burden off of yourself? don’t be shy. share here. we would all love to hear about your ideas.


I can set mine for 90% for 4 hours. I suspect you can do that also.

But are you saying you want a pre-programmed TB that you can set ahead of time?

You could make another basal that has that profile, and just choose it. Are you just saying it’s more difficult and PITA to do that?

Yes, there is a ton of stuff I’d want to change in mine. Don’t get me started.


I’d like to be able to set different carb and correction factors for higher blood sugar ranges.

My ideal pump would have this option:
“Do you want to be cured?” Yes. “Enter duration to cure.” 0.5 hours. :sparkler::crazy_face::fireworks:


yes, thats exactly what i am saying. its a deff PITA and i am very lazy.

i can do that too; i am just trying to find the lazy man’s way around that feature :wink:

oh com’on; let it rip. i would love to hear some of your ideas!!! i am certain many others would feel the same. :sunny:

I love your pump! I want one too.

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this is brilliant!

The Cozmo had this feature, at least for ISF (not sure about ICR).

god, i would take anything else i could get. i would love to have a way to change my ISF without pressing more than one button on my pump. (did i already mention how lazy i am? :wink:)

  • Insulin remaining display should show no matter how much is in the pod, not just when less than 50 units

  • Insulin remaining display should show units when less than 5, not just say the word “Low”…

  • Allow more than 24 time segments in a basal program

  • A slightly longer needle in the fill syringe

  • Display day of week for pod expiration

  • Status information available on confirm screen, so you don’t have to actually confirm to see things.

  • Allow extended bolus in smaller increments than 30 minutes

  • Put a preset bolus button on the pod so you don’t need the PDM to bolus

  • Make a few buttons for “favorite places”, like bolus history or whatever the user want to access frequently

  • Allow the use of BOTH bolus calcs and bolus presets (this is just a bad design of the PDM, you can only use one or the other)

  • Option to silence any alarms (I do this myself anyway, but it would be nice if it was an “allowed” feature instead of my own hack)

  • Increase number of bolus presets available (limited to 7 on the PDM)

  • Display progress status on the delivering bolus screen

  • Instead of deactivating a pod, Auto-off should just suspend delivery

  • Brighter screen display option for outdoors

  • Longer timeout off option (longest setting is 60 seconds now)

  • Allow bolus calcs to be turned on/off without redoing setup (another stupid PDM thing, if you turn them off you have go back through the setup to turn them back on)

  • Allow IOB to be displayed when bolus calcs is off (why don’t they allow this?!?)

  • Allow a minimum basal rate of 0.00 (instead of having to turn it off) @ClaudnDaye I think would appreciate this, too

  • Improvements to PDM food library (PDM library is absolutely worthless, nobody uses it because it is so bad)

  • Smarter IOB calculations (insulin does not deplete linearly, people!)


this list is interesting b/c it all makes so much sense you would think that these apps would already be programed into your pod. it also delinniates how different the Medtronic pump is from the POD’s. many of these features exist on the MM pump already, and i use them frequently, so i understand the importance and convienience of them.

but then there are many things that the POD does, that the MM does not, and vice versa.

things i would deffinately like that you mentioned:

I would also like if my pump would deliver insulin withing the “WIZARD” feature with a BG that is under 70. i would like not to have to manually bolus for a BG of, say, 60. but thats just b/c of what i mentioned earlier: i am lazy. i would also like a ISF that works more realistically; i.e. when my BG is over 200, and i want to correct, i want my pump to know that anything above “X” requires “O” units more of insulin, etc.

basically, anything else you can think up would be greatly appreciated. cherish the ideas :smile:

I can make my pump deliver insulin no matter what my BG is !

Do you know how I can do that? :smiley:

I bet you can figure it out DM! :wink:

its not that i cant, i just prefer not to have to. can i say this any other way: I AM LAZY!!! :wink:

I can deliver insulin when my BG is 30 if i actually want to. its just a diff button to press on my pump :blush:

Can you share this hack?

I would love to defeat the following noises:

  1. your pod is expiring in x hours alarm
  2. Temp Basal Cancel alarm noise (why do you need to beep? why?)
  3. Temp Basal of 0 alarm noise (why do you need to beep? why? I know I set the temp to 0)

I can PM you.


I’d like to be able to cancel a bolus insulin delivery that wasn’t an extended bolus. Like @Eric mentioned, if there was a shorter Extended Bolus time increment… of say 5 mins, any bolus dose could be cancelled on demand.

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As FYI (and not trying to convince any Omnipod users to switch - lol - I know that is significantly less than likely) but many (if not most) of the listed features are present on the Tandem t:slim X2.

Not all but just eyeballing likely more than half the items.

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i would really like this feature to be available to me on my MM pump. there have been way too many instances where i press Activate without realizing that i have programed the wrong dosage and i wish that i could stop the insulin from pumping. right now the only way to stop the insulin from being absorbed is by quickly disconnecting; but, in the end, this leaves my pump the info that there is IOB when in fact there is not any.

i love that i can Suspend my extended bolus whenever i want.( it gives me the opportunity to change what i am eating, for one.)


Hmm. You can hit cancel while a bolus is being delivered. What do you mean?

Sure, but if I was using the Tandem (or any tubed pump), I’d have a completely different list of wants.

The tube is a deal-killer for me. I’m just not able to have something attached.

There are a lot of things I liked about Tandem. I wish they would get in the tubeless space. I heard rumor of T-Sport being tubeless.


Which is why I don’t want to appear to be trying to convince any Omnipod users as to the benefits of the Tandem.