Ideas for a Frustrated Friend: “Are there others out there like me?”

I’ve tried to drag her here, but I don’t think she understands what “here” has to offer. So I thought I’d bring you to her if anyone here happens to have any thoughts on what she has expressed… I plan on going back in to give her some of my own thoughts, but the blind leading the blind, you know… it’s got its flaws. :smiley:

Here’s my friend, P.G.:

“I have had the WORST time controling my BGs since I’ve been on this pump. I’ve tried low carb meals, cutting out food groups, exercise, changing out infusion sets, using new insulin bottles (Novalog), and my A1C just keeps going up. I try everyone’s suggestions and tips and the tighter I try to get my BGs, the higher they become and stay high. Even when I fast, and my basal rates have been proven to be correct…
I eat a well rounded diet of 120-140 carbs per day, but not any extreme diets - no paleo, keto, vegan, coconut oil only, etc. I time my exercise for the most part when I have no IOB to avoid lows and having to eat. I prebolus for meals whenever I can do it - at least 15-20 mins ahead of time. I change my infusion sets every 3 days. I’m on the Medtronic sensor, but switching to a Dexcom soon…
I am at a loss of what to do to now. Why is it so hard for me to get my A1C under 7.5 let alone 7? Are there others out there like me? I work hard at it and try to enjoy life and not restrict myself from doing things, but my blood tests don’t reflect the work. I have lost much of my sense of humor to deal with it.“

She’s been frustrated for quite some time…


What kind of pump is she using?

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My initials aren’t P.G.!


I think a more important question may be how often she is testing her BG, how she is testing it, and whether she is correcting it when she does? Going from three or so BG tests per day to more than a dozen made a HUGE difference in my A1c. Using a CGM for constant feedback would be even better. But just as important as getting those extra data points, is the need to take action based on the results.

I actually never went to a pump because the improvement simply from testing more was enough to make the pump unnecessary. I believe that increased BG testing and willingness to act on it is most important way to improve A1c for a T1 diabetic.

(Just noticed you said she has a CGM already. Then I would emphasize the latter part - that you need to act on the results you see, and you need to do it somewhat proactively. I would therefore suggest she get the “Sugar Surfing” by Ponder book which explains how to do this in detail)


The 670G… I’m telling you, it does a number on people.

The coconut oil mention cracked me up. My current CDE suggested that for my weight gain and I may have gone on a rant about hippie ideas and space food to my husband. I just want to eat a damn sandwich. I ain’t got time to experiment w smoothies and coconut oil. No offense, anyone. I’m sure it’s wonderful.

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Yeah, I know. It was pretty much a rhetorical question. :wink:

I have had the WORST time controling my BGs since I’ve been on this pump.

What was her control like before the 670G? It’s not too hard to make the connection.

That thing may be good for a certain sub-set of people, but for others it appears to be a mess.

There are a lot of diabetes techno gadgets like that. I don’t think I would want any pump making decisions. And I am not very excited about CGM being a “decider”. But I know other people are very much looking forward to it. It just depends on personal circumstances and how things work for you.

If she has been on the 670G for a while, and she gave it her best effort, maybe it’s time to just call it a finished experiment, and try something different.

Maybe the same for you, but I know maybe the Tresiba experiment can be helpful for you.


Incidentally, I miss my friend Kim who still pops up around here on occasion, but hasn’t said much lately…


Is she running it in auto mode? Can she get good control with the pump in manual?

Believe me, there are folks around who are JUST LIKE HER. She is definitely not alone.

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I’ve tried coconut oil for dental hygiene… it turned out to be great for giving me headaches.


I’ve been thinking about Tresiba all day… I definitely think I’m up for giving it a shot. :yum: But I did ask about where I go about getting some? And then everyone went quiet?? Is this a black market kind of thing, or is this legitimate? :grin:

My girl has been out of auto at least for a couple of months. She’s continued to have a tough time. I could bring post after post of people talking about this whole thing just taking its toll… I’m gonna see if I could entice her in here with the thread. I’ve been thinking how perfect you guys are for her since I’ve first come around… and since I’ve decided sharing is good. (Which I had to be shamed into, by the way). :grin:

Yes, that seems to be the trick… the acting on it. I’ve learned to test all day, but I don’t always do what’s right. But that’s about me…

I’ll ask her. :grin:

oil-pulling? Haha I tried that. all that swishing gave my mouth muscles a workout and did cause headaches.

Does the 670 out of auto mode, still support suspend on low? Is it optional ?

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Tresiba is a basal insulin that has a longer lasting profile than Lantus or Levemir. So the advantage is that it would give you less fluctuation between shots.

You should have some form of basal insulin in your fridge. What do you have?
(Please say you have something. If your pump dies, what would you do?)

So you can get Tresiba by asking your endo for a prescription. Tell her it is for an emergency if your pump dies.

@Sam , where the heck are you? People asking about Tresiba and you are not saying anything?!!?

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Oh, yes. My suspends keep getting me over night… which is such a mixed bag. So you can change your settings to either have your pump suspend you before OR on low. For me, the preemptive suspend is a disaster. The suspend on low, as I said, is a mixed bag… it can squeeze them past you if you’re not paying 100% attention at all times. I’ve accumulated 2 hours and 40 minutes’ worth in about 36 hours. But I also live at 40, so I like having it on…And, yes, they’re optional.

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Tresiba is super legit and seems to be pretty much commanding and conquering the basal mdi world these days in my estimation … it’s quickly gobbling up the lions share of the mdi basal market is my perception (haven’t actually researched the numbers)

It isn’t some backwoods bs or anything like that… it is totally mainstream and imo is the future of basal insulins. Any doctor who manages insulin in patients will be very familiar with it by now and probably willing to prescribe it and likely even have samples

It’s also the only truly new basal insulin to hit the market in many many years… in my opinion it is a whole new generation of basal


I like puns…

It is even available in Canada. Right now I have a stash of levemir in my fridge for when my pump dies but I think I may have to try Tresiba next time.


I DO have something… levemir and novolog. I’m scheduled to see my endo sometime over the next month or two, so I’ll get me some tresbit. :grin:


Great! And in the meantime, put your pump away and use the Levemir. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: