ICR sensitivity; do you have this issue?

i have about 6 different settings on my pump for different times of the day for my ICRs. however, my morning ICRs have been the ones that are most sensitive. depending on my swimming/exercise, i need different morning bolus amounts for the exact same foods which i have for bfast. every now and then i must fiddle with them. at one point, my 6am ICR was 1: 6.5 . then i had to bump it up to 1:7, then i had to bump it up again to 1:75, and then i had to bump it up to 1:7.8. then, this morning, i tried doing a 1:8 ICR, and it did not giving me enough insulin.

it astounds me how such a minor change can make such a difference in my BGs.

does anyone else go through this? and if so, can you please share your story. i am baffled :tired_face:


I have the same problem for breakfast. It varies a lot, although I often have exactly the same food.

I think my breakfast ICR is really sensitive to how much exercise I have gotten in the past week, like my basal.

What I do is that I use temp basals a lot. When I see myself going up after breakfast, right away I start a high temp basal, complemented by bolus if needed but later, because it is easy to turn a temp basal down if you find out there is no need 20 minutes later. The moment I see a higher rate of climb I try to smack it down.

I don’t stress too much about it, though. I just adjust to what happens afterwards as quickly as possible, and I use very high temp basals to adjust quickly.

how high is “high” for you regarding your TB?

Between +35% and +80%. Unless I can see that it is a very gradual creep, my standard temp basal is +35% (for after breakfast). Then I keep a good eye on it every few minutes. If the trend accelerates, I try to use a bolus before or around 120, also a bigger bolus. At 120, I would normally correct 1U, but, if I see a good rise after breakfast, instead I’ll go 2.5 often. Then I keep an eye on it, and, if I drop too much, I suspend for a while. But, to be honest, I don’t always keep an eye on it because I am busy doing something (like school for instance). I try though.

I’d rather inject too much than too little. I have too many hormone peaks already.

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